I'm Hira

Creative Coach, Visual Storyteller and a hardcore Optimist committed to making you believe in your potentials.

I'm Hira

Creative Coach, Visual Storyteller and a hardcore Optimist committed to convincing YOU of your Potentials.

I believe in, 

“The world needs what you’ve got”

You gotta believe it too. 
(Do you already? If not, stick around for some time and we will see * evil grin * It’s not that scary, don’t ya worry)

In case you want to know where I am from, it's called "Pakistan". Where am I nowadays?  They say it is one of the happiest nations, Denmark my friend. I am a world citizen at heart though.

"Art of Conscious Living" - blog? It is a way to welcome you in my little bubble (my whole universe).

I heart creativity and conscious design if that wasn't already clear enough. Interested in seeing for yourself and judging how good I am at what I do? I have got you covered. Click Me! 

I believe in the power of knowledge and the wonders it can do. This belief makes read books and my favorite kind is reading about self-help because Hint Hint, I am an advocate of designing your life on your terms, the one that you'd die for 🙂
I keep on sharing what I learn as I go here and everywhere else.

So what am I doing nowadays?
I am glad you asked. Quite a few things simultaneously.

  • I am working as a "kommunikationsmedarbejder - Praktikant" at Villa Blide. 
    (Google Translate is your best friend in Denmark. Just saying)
  • Art of Conscious Living - Blog.
  • YouTube Channel.  
  • Designing my dream Business and offering services as a Consultant, Designer, and Photographer.
    Wana hire me? Here is how you can. Click Me!  
  • I am learning Danish. I gotta share it - quite challenging, you gotta learn it too. Don't be so surprised.

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I don't mind. In fact, I love "happy" stalkers.
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Wanna talk business? Oh, I love that. 

Hira Sameer Ahmed

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