Project I worked on as part of the Design Team while I was employed as Lead Jewelry and Accessories Designer by Shubinak Pvt. Ltd. 

Disclaimer: I do not hold any rights to the Products and Photographs shared here-under. I am only sharing as part of my Portfolio.

The goal of “Plant four then cut one” campaign is to raise awareness about environmental catastrophe. We have chosen Deodar (Diar), the national tree of Pakistan, for inspiration. It is a popular ornamental, evergreen tree. People are unaware of its qualities and plenty of uses and in their ignorance, they keep cutting it for their usage despite the fact that it grows at a medium growth rate. This is alarming if the national tree of Pakistan becomes extinct from earth as it will be a great loss for humankind. Our purpose to choose is to make people aware of its importance and launch a campaign that would promote DIAR as a national tree of Pakistan so that people can fall in love with it and cherish it instead of getting deprive of it. Products depict different forms of Diar through its designs. Colors, taken from its original color palette, create harmony among the designs and products.