Hi. I'm HIRA


I’m here to help you DISCOVER YOUR artistic potential to create the art (and career) you dream about.

I believe in,

"The world needs what you have got"

You gotta believe it too.

Do you start mornings with a burning desire in your heart to create, express, bring your artistic imaginings into reality and get your vision into the world?

But.. you listen too much to the skeptical voices in your head and then have nothing to show for your work at the end of the day?

I'm here to give you the push you need to start creating and earning.

because you only have one life!

Let me tell you, my friend, that burning desire thing that you’ve got going on there is all what it takes to change the world (for real). Yes, you read it right. Your message deserves to be heard and yes, the world desperately needs creatives like YOU & ME to take conscious decisions and make it a little better everyday. 

I am a fan of designing your life, both personal & professional, CONSCIOUSLY on your own damn terms. 

This is exactly what I can help you with. 

‘coz life is too fucking short to live it any other way. Let’s get to work and take you out of that whirlpool of 
Uncertainty, Procrastination, Self-doubts, Limiting beliefs, Fears and Uninspiring thoughts 
because let’s be honest here, they are doing no good to you or to the world. 



This step by step audio guide includes actionable milestones to help you instantly get started on your creative journey. 

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What people


Before the session, I was hesitating as I felt like this could possibly be a painful process.  I knew I had some deep blocks when it comes to creativity and I wasn't sure I was ready to explore them.  Also, I felt Hira looked very young and I worried that since I am much older than her she may not have anything valuable for me - I was so very wrong about that! After the session, I feel like I have a plan and am ready to make some progress in my creativity.  I feel a bit "lighter" about things and ready to start reconnecting to myself and my creative process. The BEST thing was that I immediately felt like Hira understood what I was going through and never once felt I was being judged or criticized in any way.  It was such a comfortable conversation - like chatting with a friend, working through a problem. Hira understands clearly what creativity is all about and know's the things that can block us.  She has a way of zeroing in on what we are saying to ourselves that is keeping us from creating in a joyful way and has a way of reframing those things that feels comfortable and not overwhelming. I will definitely recommend Hira as a Creative Mentor. I think Hira is the kind of person that really cares about people and knows how important it is for creatives to be creative with joy and not with judgement.  You can tell she takes her work seriously but she brings a light heartedness to it at the same time. I am just so grateful to have found Hira and feel like I have a plan in place.  I feel, for the first time a very long time that I can see a light at the end of the tunnel thanks to her.


Before our session, I was sceptical about the results and wondering if Hira could really help me. During the call her insights and powerful questions made me realise quite a few things that I was holding on to, which were making me feel frustrated with the creative process itself and I was undermining myself in a way. After our session, I found myself feeling frustrated with my creative process again, so I remembered and implemented her advice and got through it much faster and easier. I am able to achieve a better attitude and understanding of my creative process. The best thing was "An action plan!" And being able to run my issues by someone else who would understand and guide me. The most important thing about working with Hira and my highest recommendations are based on the fact that she listens, she is focused during the session and creates an awesome personalized action plan. My best takeaways were: "so what? I am going to do this anyway" and "clarity comes from action".


I have used the expertise from Hira doing graphic design for my flyers, postcards, banners etc. Hira has a profound aesthetic sense, comes up with great solutions for the graphics and always finishes on time. My highest recommendations to Hira.


She guided me with the information I gave her and asked the perfect questions. By the end of the coaching session I had actionable steps and a clearer understanding of what I needed to focus on. I am excited to see what else she has to offer & I will definitely recommend her. I did not think clarity would come that way!


Villa Blide Course Center has had the pleasure of having Hira in practice as a Communications Officer and Graphic Designer for 6 months. Hira has helped us in the making Villa Blide's design manual and has made the best of business cards, brochures, roll-up banners for trade shows, product magazines, etc. all with an ethereal and professional expression. Hira has also rolled us into the social channels like Instagram and Facebook while she has maintained and developed our website. I give Hira the best recommendations - both her personality and professionalism will make every workplace good. She is an ambitious team player who works hard and focused on the tasks she is doing. Hira is curious and her creative soul has a great desire to learn - what her Danish knowledge is a clear expression of - I am impressed and respectful!

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“Everything you can imagine is real”

 Pablo Picasso


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