Welcome Creatives!

I’m Hira – a Multi-Passionate Creative just like you.

I believe in,

“You have something amazing to share with the world”

Do you start mornings with a burning desire in your heart to create, express, bring your artistic imaginings into reality and get your vision into the world?

But.. you listen too much to the skeptical voices in your head and then have nothing to show for your work at the end of the day?

I’m here to give you the push you need to start creating

because you only have one life!

Let me tell you, my friend. That burning desire is all that it takes to change the world (for real). Your message deserves to be heard and the world desperately needs creatives like YOU & ME to take small decisions daily and make it a little better every day.

I am a fan of designing your life, both personal & professional, consciously on your own terms.

I am right there with you! 

Life is too short to live it any other way. You are an introvert. You are passionate. You are driven. You are creative and have too many creative passions to pursue, so many that you can’t figure out which one to focus on. You feel too overwhelmed to try any one of those because it feels like you are going to miss out on the rest of them. You often feel uninspired, uncertain, you doubt yourself and your abilities, you have a list of fears which makes you procrastinate and paralyze. You need a safe space and a fellow creative who has been there and knows exactly how it feels.

You are in the right place.


Hi, I’m Hira. I’m a multi-passionate creative; designer, photographer, painter and I’m learning to write. I am glad that you have stumbled upon my blog about creative and intentional living.

I am following my ‘must’ instead of a long list of ‘shoulds’, learning to live with less, simply & intentionally away from the big city life.

Finding your focus as a multi-passionate creative

Finding your focus when you are passionate about a ton of ideas that you’d like to be bringing into this world can be frustrating. I have written a mini e-book + workbook that includes actionable steps with simple and thoughtful questions to help you dig a little deeper and find out what needs your attention the most on your journey as a multi-passionate creative.

My hope is that when you finish this workbook you will have a bit more clarity, a bit more courage & willingness to give it your all and show up to create the art you aspire to create.

Finding your focus as a multi-passionate can be frustrating, and I hope this guide will help bring some clarity and direction. And remember, the world needs what you’ve got. Action is what inspires and creates change. Without action, no understanding or idea is worth anything.