We are oh so worthy of living a creative life on our own terms, in our own time and in our own unique, messy and human way.


I’m Hira!

Artist, a Coach for Creatives, Community Builder and soon to be a Podcaster.

A multi-passionate creative who believes in following our curiosities and living our truth out loud.

Coach for creatives who are aching to forge their own path on their own terms in their own way and in their own time at a pace that feels right for them.

Creatives who are tired of hiding and playing small and are oh so ready to hold space for themselves for their wildest dreams of creating art, sharing their message, their ideas, and their stories to come to life.

Creatives who value connection, creativity, intuition, truth, courage, and vulnerability.

I help overwhelmed creatives in finding their focus, cultivating courage and creativity, slowly and intentionally and in coming up with an action plan to gain more freedom, confidence to create their best kind of work and in living their truth out loud.

I’m a multi-passionate creative. I like to design, take photographs, paint, write, collect stories and connect with fellow creatives. 

This blog is where I write about cultivating courage and creativity slowly and intentionally and showing up as the most authentic and unapologetic version of ourselves. I really hope you find something of value here.

I am on a journey to forge my own path by choosing to live my truth out loud, follow my must instead of a long and exhausting list of shoulds in life. Oh, and I love greens, blues, and nature, life away from the big city. You’ll always find me with a cuppa.

I’m wildly passionate about holding space for creatives like myself and helping them in living their truth out loud in a way that feels right for them. Through my own personal journey, I’ve come to deeply understand aspects of the creative process and how one can cultivate the courage and the mindset that’s needed to keep showing up as your authentic, unapologetic self and find the connection back to themselves and their best work. You can find out more about my approach over here on the blog.

I believe, owning our stories and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we will ever do.

In need of a little pep-talk?

Mini audio coaching series for you to dive into whenever you are in need of a little pep-talk and encouragement which includes:
  • When you are finding it hard to give yourself permission to be a beginner.
  • When you are struggling with ‘originality’ and it’s all been done before idea.
  • When you are feeling low on creative motivation – here is some encouragement.
  • When you are struggling with the guilt that comes from not being creative.
  • When you are waiting to feel ready to take the next step.