I’m so glad you are here.


I’m Hira – Artist – Creativity Coach

For wholehearted creatives who are aching to forge their own path on their own terms in their own way and in their own time.

Creatives who are curious to follow their curiosity, creatives who are tired of playing small and are oh so ready to hold space for themselves for their wildest dreams of creating art, sharing their message, and their ideas and stories to come to life.

Creatives who value connection, creativityintuition, truth, courage, and vulnerability.

Creatives who are eager to redefine how they want to show up in their work and life.


Hira here, Creative Mentor and a multi-passionate creative; designer, photographer, painter and I’m learning to write. I am glad that you have stumbled upon my blog about a simple, slow, conscious and creative life and I really hope you find something of value here.

I am on a journey to forge my own path by choosing to follow my ‘must’ instead of a long and exhausting list of ‘shoulds’ in life. Oh, and I love greens, blues, and nature, life away from the big city.

Finding your focus as a multi-passionate creative

Finding your focus when you are passionate about a ton of ideas that you’d like to be bringing into this world can be frustrating. I have written a mini e-book + workbook that includes actionable steps with simple and thoughtful questions to help you dig a little deeper and find out what needs your attention the most on your journey as a multi-passionate creative.

My hope is that when you finish this workbook you will have a bit more clarity, a bit more courage & willingness to give it your all and show up to create the art you aspire to create.

Finding your focus as a multi-passionate can be frustrating, and I hope this guide will help bring some clarity and direction. And remember, the world needs what you’ve got. Action is what inspires and creates change. Without action, no understanding or idea is worth anything.