My Word for 2019 is ‘Courage’

A new year and making resolutions for the new year feel like a fresh start to something, something great that you want to work towards. If I’d be completely honest making resolutions for the new year has never worked for me. Almost until the end of January or the very beginning of February, I tend to forget

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Why did I choose to invest in myself?

At the end of 2017, I had a very strong feeling that 2018 was going to be my year. I followed my intuition and at the beginning of 2018, I made a commitment to prioritize learning first which made the hard choice of investing in myself and personal development much easier. I have nearly spent $2670. Why?

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Manifesto 2018

I always found myself standing just a little too much on the edge, trying to do things differently and believing that different is always good. ‘You have something amazing to share with the world’, ‘The worlds needs what you’ve got’, ‘Your voice matters’. These have been my mantra’s for as long as I can remember. Now,

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