Intuitive design and aesthetics for the eyes, heart, and soul + gentle guidance, hand-holding and accountability

For the curious, wild-hearted, and soulful humans

This is the journey of embracing your wild and I’m right there with you, every step of the way to bring it to life in your own unique, messy, and human way.

The offerings and services

For the curious, wild-hearted, and soulful creative business owners

Ways I help

Branding and design offerings


You have a story to tell. Maybe you have many stories to share and you are not sure how to blend it all together well and present it in a way that makes sense and feel more like you and less like anyone else’s. Your story matters. It is worthy. It deserves to be shared. Together we’ll find a way to capture the essence of you, your story and your message in the visual + verbal aspects of your brand so that story speaks for itself and you keep on doing the work that you were meant to do, the work that brings you joy and not only calms but enriches your inner world.

I’m here to help you tell your story in a way that feels more like you and less like anyone else’s.

Mentoring and coaching services


Some times we need to do the inner work to get to the heart of the story we want to tell. It takes a little bit of time, effort, and courage to walk that path of uncertainty and find our way out of that messy middle. I want you to know, all the answers you are seeking outside of you, are already inside of you. Other times when we muster enough courage to show up and share our work, we run into limiting self-beliefs and stories that stand in our way. Here I offer gentle-hand holding and accountability as you begin your journey of finding what does and doesn’t work for you.

I’m here to help you uncover your own version of your creative business, work and life.

Who I help?

The ‘wild-hearted’, creative mavens who cannot not create, who don’t like to fit in a box, who have multiple passions to follow, who want to live slowly and sustainably and who want to make this world a better place. The courageous ones who want to forge their own path. The brave enough ones who have not only started to question the norms and should do’s but are also taking tangible steps to live their life on their own terms. I refer to it as embracing you wild and by ‘wild’, I mean all those tiny little quirks and big ambitions that make you who you are. Embracing our wild also means living in accordance with our values with authenticity and integrity. It means you are aching to live your truth out loud in a way that feels more like you and less like anyone else’s.

You can most certainly do it alone but you don’t have to!


My Values

Connection to me is also about making others feel safe, seen and heard and less alone in their journey.

Interacting with the world from a place of intuition and the kind of self-belief that all the answers are already within us.

Showing up in the world from a place of integrity, sharing our truth with honesty and holding high standards when it comes to transparency and authenticity.

Falling in love with the process and sharing our creations with the world bravely.

Every story is important whether it is mine or anyone else’s and stories are how we connect.

Courage and Vulnerability
Cultivating courage even when it is hard. Risking failure and showing up despite feeling afraid and embracing vulnerability in the process.

Speaking the truth to others but much more to ourselves and living it out loud.

How I help?

I am a storyteller at heart. Visual and verbal storytelling is what makes my heart beats a little faster and design is something I am wildly passionate about mainly because it enables you to tell the story. My branding, design and illustration offerings are for the curious and compassionate creative business owners who are craving more slow and meaning in their lives and from their creative work.

Empathy and intuition are one of my core strengths and I draw upon my years of personal experience and those intuitive gut feelings as I mentor and hold space for creative souls who are aching to uncover and tell their story. If you are looking for some gentle-handholding as you uncover your own answers, my one on one and group mentoring and coaching offerings might just be what you are looking for.


Couldn’t find what you are looking for exactly?

Have a look around and see which one feels right for you depending on where you are at your journey now. If you’d like to enquire about a personal blend of the offerings and services that are available – you can welcome to get in touch.

What are the wild-hearted one’s saying


Hira is one of the most exceptional investments I have ever made in my creative journey so far.

We are the harshest critics of our creative efforts, and it is heaven to have Hira help you to take a step back, breathe and break things down into smaller, more achievable steps. I would also add that Hira is about so much more than this. Thanks to Hira’s guidance and her own understanding of the creative process, I am learning this can be achieved if we do the work, come from an authentic place, develop our own voice and start the process. Oh and keep showing up! Hira is not there to do the work for you, or wave a magic wand. But she is there in your corner, cheering you on, sharing beautiful strategies and gently suggesting other options rather than spelling them out.

Nicola Bartleet
Photographic artist @nicolabartleetcreative