Annemie Magdaleen
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I invested in working with Hira I sensed that Hira is a sensitive person. I could use some support with getting more organised, that was what my mind thought. But my heart, just wanted to connect, because when I read the description of ‘Embrace’, it resonated deeply with me.

My time during our work together has made me change. I learned to be more gentle with myself, and I learned to let go of sabotaging perfectionism.

It is better to show up with what I already have, then to keep hiding, because it isn’t perfect yet. It is important to realise that I have been hiding and procrastinating my whole life, because of perfectionism. And it is because of Hira’s gentle embrace, that I was able to let go and to be kind to myself. I learned to see that it is not about following unwritten guidelines of how one is supposed to do things, but to discover inside myself what works for me and what doesn’t. Even the way that we had my tasks scheduled and organised is gentle, without too much of the ‘have to’ feeling. I can move freely and still get all the things done that are important to me.

There are no universal rules of how to grow your business, certainly not as a creative. There is no manual that fits all of us. And this is what I figured while working with Hira, she never pushed me in one direction. She created the space, where I could be myself and sense myself and take decisions and actions from that point. Handing practical tools on the side, but most important, giving me room to relax in myself. Now I understand why Hira calls this traject ‘Embrace’, I truly felt embraced during this three months. It was great to work with Hira for a longer time. I didn’t have the need to meet up just as often, the fact that we could catch up on how I was doing every second week, gave me an amazing supportive feeling. I wasn’t alone in my journey, someone was lovingly joining me and supporting me. And cheering with all the successes big and small. Handing me a mirror on how well I was doing and how much I have evolved in such a short time. I won over myself with Hira’s help. I still have a lot of use of the tools and the support I received during the coachings.

As a creative, the most important person in your ‘business’ is you. Anyone can teach you strategies ans push you in a structure and a set of guidelines. But that just doesn’t work. (been there done that) It is important to find someone that supports you and see you for who you are. Someone who waters your seeds so you can grow and bloom. And that can only be a person who is sensitive and creative herself. That’s why Hira is a great person to work with.


Sarah Robertson
Creative Director at If looks could kill you


Throughout my time with Hira, I’ve discovered that I’m more than capable of bringing about the changes that will lead to a happier and healthier me. I’ve learned to hope and trust again and find the courage to live life on my terms.

Hira’s coaching style is Gentle, reassuring and hopeful. I was looking for a safe space to talk about my life and work, to explore challenges and possibilities, and knew from our very first call that Hira was offering the kind of support I needed.

You can be open and honest with Hira. She’ll help you slow down, look ahead and build a creative practice that feels true to you.



Website Designer at Juniper & Roots



Since my one call with Hira, I’ve actually leaned into giving myself permission – in whatever way that looks like for me. 

I had followed Hira for a while, perhaps a year or so, and gradually fell in love with her slow, intentional, gentle + personal approach. So many coaches are very shouty + almost shame you into working with them. Hira’s different, and she quietly and gently stood out. Even not as her client, I felt her there with open arms + an open heart to simply take you are you are. Also as I’m super introverted, socially anxious + generally awkward the thought of discussing work/personal/business things was a total stranger felt daunting – but knowing Hira was the same made the whole thing much more approachable and took away all the apprehension that I’ve felt when I thought of working with anyone else.

I’ve began really unravelling the unlearning process, much more so that I ever was doing before (when I thought I was doing it really well). Honestly just having Hira nod along with me + my struggles made the biggest different mentally.

Her call wasn’t just resonante for those minutes; her words, gentleness and approach has stuck with me for months afterwards and I am just so grateful to have got the time with her.

Talking with Hira was like talking with a long-time friend that just gets it. There’s no right or wrong thing to say, no judgement, no you ‘should’ do this, no ‘this is how other people to it’ – Hira takes you as you are. She’s just like a lovely warm hug and a dose of ‘whatever you’re doing, you’re doing what’s right for you’ with some gentle, achievable and actionable tips that will actually help.

Wherever you’re at right now – Hira will take, accept, encourage and guide you in the kindest and most human way possible. Being accepted for where you are right now with no judgement, no shoulds and no expectations is rare to find – Hira does it so elegantly, kindly and openly it’s a true unique energy to behold.

If I were to recommend working with Hira to a friend I’d say, Oh, please do it. If you’re struggling, need someone to talk to, want that feeling of a friend that you may be missing, want some honest + gentle guidance, or just want to feel heard, seen and valued – Hira is your girl. There are so many coaches out there, and Hira is so uniquely different in her approach – so gentle and willing to hold space for you, exactly where you’re at. Everyone could benefit from having even one session with Hira (like I have – now still, months later). She is so incredibly special!

Ruth Poundwhite
Business Mentor at


I was thrilled with the final design. It is beautiful, and exactly what I hoped for (except I didn’t even have a crystal clear vision, but Hira managed to bring it to life anyway!)

I knew Hira would be perfect to create something one-of-a-kind for my podcast. The process of working together was incredibly easy. Hira was professional, thorough and made it clear what each step of the journey would entail.

I would absolutely recommend Hira to anyone who wants to create something truly unique and special for their brand. 



Nicola Barleet
Photographic Artist

When I discovered Hira I was instantly drawn to her beautiful vision of the world. I could identify with her immediately as a talented, multi-passionate creative. And she radiated joy. In my own photography practice, I had reached a point where I was building a business that I didn’t love. I felt like I had plateaued. I was a commercial photographer but only found true joy creating equestrian and other digital fine art. I felt like I was capable of so much more, with many creative pursuits and plenty of formal and informal courses pursued over the years. When I discovered that I was not alone as a multi-passionate creative, I began a quest to find the best coach for me. One that resonated with my values and who would not be afraid to gently push me.

The joy and value of having a judgement-free coach by your side like Hira is something I have come to treasure. 

I discovered Hira and was fascinated by her authentic and beautifully crafted aesthetic, whilst at the same time having the courage to share her vulnerability in her practice. When Hira spoke of launching her incredible programme Embrace I knew it was a perfect fit. Since I started working with Hira, I have learned that our creativity practice matters and I’ve really embraced that It matters as much as breathing and sleeping, if you have a creative spirit that needs to be nurtured and lived. That we need to protect this yearning, show up for it and claim it. This is not a given but more of an intentional lifestyle and work choice that requires effort and authenticity. I have also learned that it is not an easy road some days, and yet it is by showing up no matter what, that the wheels keep turning, the journey begins and it is in the doing that the beauty lies, and the results emerge. That is where Hira comes in. It is so easy to critique someone else’s work but become lost in your own. Some days we overthink things, try too hard, become overwhelmed. We are the harshest critics of our creative efforts, and it is heaven to have Hira help you to take a step back, breathe and break things down into smaller, more achievable steps. I would also add that Hira is about so much more than this. She is also focused on us building a sustainable business. Thanks to Hira’s guidance and her own understanding of the creative process, I am learning this can be achieved if we do the work, come from an authentic place, develop our own voice and start the process. Oh and keep showing up!

Hira is not there to do the work for you or wave a magic wand. But she is there in your corner, cheering you on, sharing beautiful strategies and gently suggesting other options rather than spelling them out. Her own passion and creative practice are incredibly beautiful and inspiring. It shows you so many possibilities. She is also extremely generous in the knowledge she shares. Hira has been where we all are or were (ie we all have to start somewhere). Her wisdom and personal narrative have been incredibly valuable. It has released me from some of my own self imposed limiting beliefs. This has been a beautiful relief and incredibly exciting.

I would recommend working with Hira to anyone who is committed to creating an authentic, creative practice based on starting from their ideal day as a multi-passionate creative. If they are committed, then I would say that Hira was one of the most exceptional investments I have ever made in my creative journey so far. That she will help you define your goals and vision, and set to work to help you gently, but confidently bring them to life. That it would be a beautiful and revelatory journey that would also teach you much about who you are, how you want to show up and that is indeed possible to get there. I am constantly grateful for, and amazed by Hira, and will continue to work with her after the Embrace programme. Even the Olympic equestrians that I photographed have a coach. And I have found mine.

Bethany Rose
Photographer at @brbethanyrose




Hira was a fantastic support for me in a time of complete self-doubt.

An understanding and experienced approach really helped me to see the bigger picture and begin to look into alternative ways of working on my projects to help me move forward.



Joelle Kay Thompson
Maker at everydayavantgarde



Hira is very friendly and I felt like I was talking to someone I’ve known for a long time who can truly understand a lot of what I’m going through. I’ve been stuck in my head a lot, not putting my thought out there, being able to connect with a fellow creative on a deeper level was huge. It made me feel like I’m not alone in my insecurities and doubts. It gave me more confidence and reassurance that I am on the right track.

Hira brings a great level of sincerity and also a desire for her client to be unapologetically true to themselves.


One important thing to know if you are considering working with Hira is that she is not about trying to get someone to change who they are but rather develop into their best self.

Her advice was practical and definitely achievable. Her suggestions were very realistic for me to use and were perfectly catered to my needs and abilities. I was able to implement her tips on how to organize myself better immediately.

A valuable insight for me was this mindset shift during our call that ‘not having a thing can be my thing!’. This was a game-changer for me as I’ve always suffered from guilt about not sticking with one specific medium. Also, the reminder that many successful people don’t have degrees helped alleviate my self-doubts about my abilities.

I really wanna emphasize her sincerity and the ability to connect on a deeper level as a creative and her understanding of my struggles were great. She turned the negative things I mentioned about my issues and made me see ways I can view them from a positive perspective instead.

In short, Hira is an amazing coach to work with and have by your side as you figure things out.

Kelsey Mech
Counsellor, coach and trauma therapist at



Hira is the sweetest, most kind, gentle and encouraging soul. She helped me to believe in myself.

She not only helped me to believe in myself but also my presence online and decrease some of the isolation and self-doubt I was feeling. If you need your very own cheerleader and support squad, wrapped up with helpful insight and suggestions, Hira is your girl.



Barb Roehler
Creative Specialist at


Before our call, I was skeptical about the results and wondering if Hira could really help me. During the call her insights and powerful questions made me realize quite a few things that I was holding on to, which were making me feel frustrated with the creative process itself and I was undermining myself in a way. After our session, I found myself feeling frustrated with my creative process again, so I remembered and implemented her advice and got through it much faster and easier. I am able to achieve a better attitude and understanding of my creative process.

The best thing was “An action plan!” and being able to run my issues by someone else who would understand and guide me.

The most important thing about working with Hira and my highest recommendations are based on the fact that she listens, she is focused during the session and creates an awesome personalized action plan. My best takeaways were: “so what? I am going to do this anyway” and “clarity comes from action.”

Joy Caroni
Acrylic Artist at


Before our call, I was not sure how much value I’d get out of it and also, there was the kind of insecurity that comes up when you are meeting someone you’ve never met before to discuss such intimate details about yourself which were quickly put to rest by your warmth and smile. I love her energy! Hira is such a great listener, and she deeply understood my struggles and was able to help me find solutions. I never felt any judgment from her. And I loved her gift for taking my bullshit excuses and helping me to see them for what they are, just excuses. And amazing advice for actionable steps to put into place.

Huge win for me would be better focus and objectivity to start the things that originally felt huge and overwhelming. I’m working on getting automated systems in place so I can focus better on the thing that I love doing, creating art.

After our call, I’ve created a yearly planner and I am sticking to the goals and it gives me such a great overview of the year and a monthly breakdown of what I can be accomplishing. 100% thanks to Hira’s recommendation to get a better overview, look at the bigger picture, and identify and to define my non-negotiables.

I love working with Hira and appreciate her so much. Her organizational skills are legendary. Her patience and kindness are wonderful. I always come away from a call inspired and motivated to get things done. Hira is just brilliant at problem-solving! I could not recommend working with Hira enough. Her counsel is complementary to an artist like me, no matter the industry you’re in.

Charline Mola
Illustrator at HelloGodiche

Before my call with Hira, I was feeling overwhelmed with all the things I had to do and the pressure I put on myself. I had a lot of ideas but felt stuck on where to and how to start. I was really wondering how can Hira will be able to help me in just a call about such personal feelings.

Spoiler: she did it and a lot more during this call!

This call with Hira was a complete game-changer for me. She helped me bring clarity, organization, and achievable steps and goals to my work. Her superpower is that she helps you find the solutions and the answers by yourself, by asking you questions, and helping you change your point of view. And this is incredible, because, with her help, the transformation comes from yourself.

She also helped me think about mindset and self-belief, and how it’s important to take time to celebrate your wins and to look back on where you’ve been and what you’ve already done.

Just after the call, like in the next minutes after it, I was able to plan my week, and was feeling so motivated to start working and getting things done, even the boring tasks like tax papers! I’m now working on creating a yearly planner with my goals in the head. I left the pressure behind me, and I’m now feeling empowered and confident.

The written document Hira send after the call is also really valuable. It’s a wonderful summarize of our call, with actions steps and resources. I know I can refer to it at any time if I need a big breath of inspiration and motivation!

I would highly recommend Hira as a creative coach. She’s positive and kind, and an incredible listener. She’ll help you in more way you can even imagine. If you’re an artist, you probably have already feel lost or overwhelmed. It doesn’t have to be like this, and Hira is the key to unlock all your potential!

Tracie Hodgson
Graphic Designer at Tracie Dawn Graphic Design

Before the session, I was hesitating as I felt like this could possibly be a painful process.  I knew I had some deep blocks when it comes to creativity and I wasn’t sure I was ready to explore them.  Also, I felt Hira looked very young and I worried that since I am much older than her she may not have anything valuable for me – I was so very wrong about that!
After the session, I feel like I have a plan and am ready to make some progress in my creativity.  I feel a bit “lighter” about things and ready to start reconnecting to myself and my creative process.

The BEST thing was that I immediately felt like Hira understood what I was going through and never once felt I was being judged or criticized in any way.  It was such a comfortable conversation – like chatting with a friend, working through a problem.

Hira understands clearly what creativity is all about and know’s the things that can block us.  She has a way of zeroing in on what we are saying to ourselves that is keeping us from creating in a joyful way and has a way of reframing those things that feel comfortable and not overwhelming. I will definitely recommend Hira as a Creative Mentor. I think Hira is the kind of person that really cares about people and knows how important it is for creatives to be creative with joy and not with judgment.  You can tell she takes her work seriously but she brings a lightheartedness to it at the same time. I am just so grateful to have found Hira and feel like I have a plan in place.  I feel, for the first time a very long time that I can see a light at the end of the tunnel thanks to her.

Nadia Dea Maria
Artist at @nadiadeamaria


Hira is supportive, encouraging and insightful. Her approach was focused, collaborative and gentle. With this one call, I learned to be in conversation with myself in a different way that led to trusting myself and the process more. Talking out my fears, shame and confronting my struggles with Hira by my side helped me a lot. She created the right kind of space for me to flow in – it was especially helpful in the time of confusion and overwhelm.

I felt immediately motivated to take action, focused and centered, and, most of all, without being hard on myself and very much supported and understood in my struggles.

The morning after I started writing my morning pages with very much ease, less resistance than expected! That was already a relief. I felt confident about the direction to move forward in.

I am redefining creativity on my terms, I am trusting myself more in my expression, I feel more focused and motivated in being able to do my thing. I flow more easily in my body, too! I started a conversation around creativity and what creativity is for me, how it would feel good for me. I also already started to explore and express myself more. I immediately started thinking of my next action steps and felt relaxed about thinking of and planning a structure around my work week, which was one of my biggest struggles so far.

It was everything I needed and beyond my expectations! I felt understood and had practical tools and great advice. I felt safe to open up and guided throughout the entire call. Our one call together made all the difference for me! A truly valuable investment. The accountability, support and having a detailed written document to go back to, it’s really valuable, especially because I could see where I was before and am at after.