A meditative experience of being in conversation with yourself and your emotions through art.


A unique combination of Meditation and Intuitive Art to help you find calm.

Through mixed media art, I encourage you to play and discover the childlike wonder once again in your life. By uncovering the endless possibilities of your creative expression, you can hold space for your emotional well-being, let go of stress, find some still and make time for quiet reflection.

Play. Connect. Experience. Rejoice.


Photography by GirlsandPortraits 

I love learning all things creative and I love sharing that knowledge and experience with others. I have been living in Copenhagen for the past four years. I remember the time when I arrived here in the cold, dark and grey winters and I felt this need to find a community of like-minded humans to hang out with, learn from and grow together. I couldn’t find one that was exactly what I was looking for so I am making one for people like me, who would like to spend their time getting creative and creating meaningful friendships along the way too!

I am starting to offer in-person 1:1 and group workshops under the name of HSA.STUDIO.CPH. Please take a moment to take a look around. You are welcome to get in touch if you’d like to enquire about a personal one for your friends, family or kids. I’d be very delighted to hear from you!

I will be sharing all the updates and upcoming workshops + meetups on Instagram over at @hsa.studio.cph and I look forward to connecting with you! x