A community for Creative Humans who cannot not create!


A no-judgment zone to hold space for you to explore your own brilliance, connect and find support


What is the LYT Membership Community about?

It is all about collective learning in a horizontal setting. Connecting brilliant and courageous, yet introverted and inspiring creative humans who long to create amazing things. Who cannot not create. Who long for connection and creative confidence. Who constantly doubt the amazing things they are capable of making and bringing into this world. Who dream big of making and sharing the gifts of their creativity. Who have the urge to bring meaning to their lives through their art but don’t quite see what it would look like to live their truth out loud, take up space, and claim their energies to build a wholehearted creative life that would work for them.

A place to…

  • Explore your own brilliance
  • Encourage you to be more you
  • Share alternative visions of how things could be and not how things should be
  • Uncover what’s holding you, your ideas, and your voice back
  • Produce the change you are craving
  • Cultivate courage, confidence, and creativity slowly and intentionally
  • Make you feel heard and deeply understood in your struggles
  • Meet like-minded people whose support would help with keeping you courageous and trusting yourself to try new things
  • Incubate ideas with other brilliant women who are impacting the world in their own unique and human way
  • Gently push you to keep moving forward towards your greatest aspirations and dreams
  • Find support for working with your inner life but with a focus on action and impact
  • Voice your opinions, your story, your wins, and your frustrations too!

A place to do what we can in the corner of our world to help bring the change we want to see in the world with our creations.

Who is this for?

Creative Humans.

No matter what medium or how many mediums you choose to express your creativity in.

Painters, illustrators, photographers, writers, knitters, ceramists, designers or multi-passionate creatives like myself.

A place that will feel like a giant group hug!

What do we believe?

You are enough as you are.

You are oh so worthy of living a creative life on your own terms, in your own unique, messy and human way.

You are entirely capable of achieving anything you set your mind to.

Your opinions and way of seeing the world matters.

Your story matters.

You matter.


Hira is not about trying to get someone to change who they are but rather develop into their best self. She brings a great level of sincerity and also a desire for her clients to be unapologetically true to themselves.

Joelle Kay Thompson
– Maker behind everydayavantgarde

This is what we are here for…

Support and encouragement at times when you can’t see your brilliance yourself. We are ready to help you see when it becomes too hard to see that truth yourself. We are present to hear you out as you voice your opinions, share your story, your perspective, and your struggles, and offer assistance as well as practical ways to tackle those obstacles.

I wholeheartedly believe that consistent support, community, vulnerability, reflection, and collective learning are the keys to our personal becoming, and will enable you to show up as you are confidently.



Hira is supportive, encouraging and insightful. Her approach is focused, collaborative and gentle.

Nadia Dea Maria   
– Artist @nadiadeamaria

What we will be working on and towards?

Explore what wholehearted creative living means to you, and if you don’t know what living creatively and wholeheartedly looks like for you yet, the ideas, tools and the support of a community to help you discover that.

  • Inner foundations of taking risks, overcoming fears and dealing with self-doubt
  • Support and tools to trust your own thinking so you don’t get lost in the noise and opinions of others and stay on the course that’s truly right for you
  • Help in figuring out who you are and what you want your work and your art to be about
  • Uncovering and reframing stories that stand in the way of us creating our best kind of work
  • Focusing on your own fulfillment, self-discipline, and self-care so you are equipped to better deal with external challenges

We’ll chat feelings, fears, dreams, goals, empathy, making things happen on our terms, failures, successes and a whole lot of truth.

This is for you if…

  • You believe that understanding oneself and others is an essential part of living a happy and fulfilled creative life
  • You are ready to embrace that discomfort which is an inevitable part of the journey
  • You are willing to ask questions, dig deep and being okay with figuring things out as you go
  • You are holding yourself back by insecurity and by a sense of overwhelm and confusion about the practical steps that you can take to bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be
  • You are stuck because you are over-thinking, over-planning, and getting things perfect
  • You worry what other people think about your work
  • You are tired of standing on the sidelines and denying what you truly want
  • You are scared of being embarrassed, or fear that you are not good enough, or fear failure so much so that you don’t show up at all

This is not for you if…

  • You are looking for a roadmap, a blueprint or 6-figure success strategies
  • You don’t like to talk about feelings or think that feelings are stupid

This isn’t what we tell each other…

How things are supposed to be or should be

It’s where you come when…

You are looking for connection, deep conversations, and to develop intimate friendships along the way

It’s not where you come when…

You are looking for shortcuts or easy ways out


Hira is such a great listener, and she deeply understands the struggles of creatives. Working with her makes me look at things objectively so I can focus better on the thing that I love doing the most, creating art. Her counsel is complementary to an artist like me, no matter the industry you’re in

Joy Caroni
– Acrylic Artist of joycaronistudio.com

This is where you’ll find…

Support, encouragement, love, and courage to keep creating, showing up and living your truth out loud.

A home where our shared passions, deep understanding of our struggles and support are the foundations.

This is how you’ll feel…

Less alone, less overwhelmed, deeply understood, immensely supported, highly encouraged, more hopeful and more confident

It’s a long road ahead but you don’t have to walk it alone!

For 20€ per month you will get

A community space – Facebook group along with three regular monthly features:

  1. Monthly Workshop on a decided topic delivered via Live in the Facebook group and a workbook to help you navigate
  2. Monthly Q & A Live Sessions to give you a chance to share your worries or questions directly
  3. Monthly Idea Generation Sessions where you’ll get to discuss and brainstorm your ideas along with the help of other creatives

Here’s how it will work

Monthly Workshops

On the first Tuesday of every month, we’ll gather together in a Facebook group and I’ll introduce you with month’s topic in a live video. I will share my thoughts, learnings, and summaries + conclusions of research on that particular topic with you.

Monthly Workbooks

You’ll get a workbook PDF every first Friday of the month delivered in your inbox with questions and prompts to work through the month’s topic, navigate, simplify things for you, minimize the overwhelm, and form your personal opinions by staying true to who you are and what’s right for you.

Idea Generation Brainstorming Calls

Every month we’ll have a call where 1-3 members will get to hop on a call and discuss + brainstorm any ideas they may want some support with.

Group Coaching Calls

In the second and third weeks of the month, members will have a group coaching call with me where you’ll get to discuss your findings, learnings, and ask for support if you are finding yourself resisting or stuck somewhere along the way.

Q & A sessions

This is where you’ll get to ask me or any other member of the group any specific or general questions about life, creative practices, creative business or whatnot! Anything that you may find yourself in need of some support with.

Every month we’ll have threads dedicated for

  • Monthly Intention and Goal Setting
  • Accountability around the steps toward your goals
  • Weekly Check-ins for celebrating wins and naming your frustrations too



… and unlimited ongoing support of the community itself.

It will also be about figuring out as we go!

Topics in the months to come…

  • Clarity: where to begin
  • How to set healthy boundaries and why are they so important for you and your work?
  • Creative living on our own terms – Big picture goal setting
  • The voice of your inner critic – ways to be in conversation with it
  • Uncovering stories that stand in the way of us creating our best work
  • How is procrastination keeping you safe and exactly where you are at now?
  • Why perfectionism isn’t any better in making you move forward?
  • How can one cultivate creative confidence?
  • How does one keep nourishing and cultivating courage, slowly and intentionally?
  • How to keep showing up despite feeling afraid?
  • Ways to deal with comparison

Are you ready for a journey of transformation together?

One time admin fee 25€ and 20€ monthly fee.

(Click here to convert it in your currency)

Registration won’t be open before 2020.

If you have any questions, concerns or technical problems write me an email at:
info [at] hirasahmed.com