A community for Creative Humans who cannot not create!

A no-judgment zone to hold space for all that messy middle that you are currently in while you reach higher but can always turn back to when you are in need of a little pep talk.

Living Your Truth membership community is all about connecting brilliant and inspiring creative humans who long to create amazing things, who cannot not create, who doubt the amazing things they are capable of making and bringing into this world, who dream big and courageously, who have the urge to bring meaning to their lives through their art but doubt themselves or don’t quite see what it would look like – them living their truth out loud, taking up space and claiming their energies to build a wholehearted creative life that would work for them.

Creative humans who’d love to create but are afraid of acknowledging it even to themselves. What if they fail, what if their art is stupid, what if they end up embarrassing themselves, what if they didn’t get it quite right or worst failed, what if they started trying but are feeling too overwhelmed with millions of ways they could be moving further in.

Humans who are courageous, insightful, full of talent and wonders but lost contact with their inner creative somewhere along the way and worst of all they started ignoring the call to listen inward to what they know to be true. They learned to apply their critical thinking skills to their own dreams for creative pursuits and started playing the skeptic instead of being an ally to themselves.

And still, there is a desire to break free and try and find out…

What it could look like if they started living their truth out loud?

What it would look like if they started creating and figuring out ways to show up while feeling oh so afraid?

They intuitively know this is something where their heart belongs and this is what they want to be doing, creating and sharing.

And now, you are done feeling sorry for yourself. You are ready to connect or reconnect to that creative part of you. You are at a point in your life where it feels like a do or die moment. You are not sure if you can ignore that creative part of yours any further or you have already begun taking small steps towards your aspirations and in making them happen and realizing how hard it is. It has started to feel lonely and scary but no one else in the ‘real’ world seems to care about those creative projects of yours.

You want to show up in whatever capacity you can, allow it to grow and see where it might lead you. You long for creative fulfillment and confidence. You want to stop sacrificing your dreams for everyone else.

You want to believe that it could be something real, something that could bring you immense joy and content.

It is hard, isn’t it?

To believe in yourself, to claim some space for yourself, to say what you really want and to live your truth out loud.

A spark of an idea comes and you feel that nudge inside you again to give it a go, pick up that paintbrush, sit down and write the plot of that novel that’s been forming in the back of your head or to take that photograph you’ve been dreaming about and see what your work is capable of but then reality sets in. You leave it at that. Sometimes even put it in a box and keep it somewhere safe. Safe enough that you forget where you’ve placed it and you keep on going with your days avoiding open that box.

You find yourself wondering if it is lack of determination or that you are not the creative type or you are waiting for inspiration to come to you or maybe you are not skilled enough yet or you don’t know enough yet or you don’t have enough time to be creative and mess around and make things. You are waiting for a perfect day and time in life to begin and get it right from the beginning. You keep taking courses, find mentor and coaches but don’t see it happening for yourself just yet.

Can I point out a little something that is hard to hear? That perfect day and time may never come.

Here’s the thing: You are entirely capable of achieving anything you set your mind to. If you are waiting to feel ready, you might be waiting forever. You just need to give yourself permission to feel ready and begin despite feeling that fear.

You are enough as you are.

Truth is no e-course or coaching program can do that for you. It requires you to take the responsibility, understand the underlying mindset beliefs, stories and obstacles and figure out ways to be in the world which are true to you. No outside source can validate your inherent worth. You don’t need a course or any coaching to make you feel whole again. You can most certainly benefit from them in learning and keep growing but you don’t need them. You are worthy of living a creative life on our own terms, in our own time and in our own unique, messy and human way. You can’t just see it now.

Your opinion, your story and way of seeing the world matters and that is where I and this community of brilliant and thoughtful women comes in. Ready to help you see when it becomes too hard to see that truth yourself. Present to hear you out as you voice your opinions, share your story, your perspective and your struggles and offer support as well as practical ways to tackle those obstacles. This will be a safe space for you to explore your brilliance without the constant worries of what other people think, what your peers say or believe to be true, what society says you should or shouldn’t do or what your teacher said you could or couldn’t be.

I wholeheartedly believe that consistent support, community, vulnerability, reflection, and collective learning are the keys to our personal becoming, in enabling you to show up as you are; confidently. This is what I’m thinking about: A bunch of regular people who believe that understanding oneself and others is an essential part of living a happy and fulfilled creative life.

What this community is going to be about?

A place to…

  • Explore your own brilliance
  • Encourage you to be more you
  • Uncover what’s holding you, your ideas and your voice back
  • Produce the change you are craving
  • Cultivate courage, confidence, and creativity slowly and intentionally
  • make you feel heard and deeply understood in your struggles
  • meet like-minded people whose support would help with keeping courageous and trusting yourself to try new things
  • brilliant women to incubate the ideas impacting the world in their own unique and human way
  • to gently push you to keep moving forward towards your greatest aspirations and dreams
  • support as a way to work with their inner lives but with a focus on action and impact
  • Share alternative visions of how things could be and not how things should be
  • Voice your opinions, your story, your wins, and your frustrations too!

A place to do what we can in the corner of our world to help bring the change we want to see in the world with our creations.

This is for you if…

  • You are ready to embrace that discomfort that is an inevitable part of such a creative living journey
  • You are willing to ask questions, dig deep and being okay with figuring things out as you go
  • You are convinced that you need to be more enlightened, more skilled, more educated, more knowledgable before you can start creating and showing up
  • You are holding yourself back by bouts of insecurity and by a sense of overwhelm and confusion about the practical steps that you can take to bridge the gap between you are at now and where you want to be
  • You are stuck because you are over-thinking, over-planning and getting things perfect
  • Worrying what other people think about your art
  • Tired of standing on the sidelines
  • Petrified of failure
  • Scared of being embarrassed or fear that you are not good enough

This is not for you if…

  • Don’t like to talk about feelings or think that feelings are stupid
  • You are looking for a roadmap, a blueprint or success strategies

It’s where you come when…

You are looking for connection, deep conversations and develop intimate friendships along the way

This is not where you come when…

You are looking for shortcuts

This isn’t where we tell each other…

How things are supposed to be or should be or what’s good or bad art. We simply want a home to come back to where people share our passion and deeply understand our struggles.

This is where you’ll find…

Support, encouragement, love, and courage to keep creating, showing up and living your truth out loud.

Who is this for?

Any kind of creative!

Painters, illustrators, photographers, writers, knitters, ceramists, designers or multi-passionate creatives like myself.

A place that will feel like a giant group hug!

How it came to be?

I’ve had a chance to connect with lovely humans all over the world on the internet and one thing that we all had in common was the loneliness.

I know, how lonely and scary it can be.

Because nobody in the ‘real’ world around us (yet) understands what we are doing and striving towards and that makes total sense. It is all very new, an enchanted territory which didn’t exist before and has its potential but it hasn’t become that common or acceptable yet. We can see the potential and that is why we are eager to explore it. That is why we don’t have any role models in our real lives (just yet).

There is no blueprint, no ‘right’ way of doing things. It is a lot about trusting yourself and the journey and trusting that you’ve what it takes, trusting that you’ll figure it out as you go and that can sometimes understandably be scary and lonely.

I have celebrated the two year anniversary of my blog this very recently. While reflecting my journey so far one thing that sticks out for me is having some kind of support system. I have craved that support while I was struggling to figure out how everything works these past two years. I still don’t feel like I have figured it all out. But I honestly don’t think anyone has. We are all learning what opportunities the internet holds for us and our creative work and what that means for the way we want to spend our lives.

I crave some support now at times when I need reminding of what my work is capable of and what good is it already doing in the world. A community to support me when I feel all hope is lost, to cheer me on, help me challenge my existing patterns, disrupt and dismantle the way I’m seeing the world and grow along the way.

I have craved having a support system of community of wonderful and brilliant creatives by your side who are working on something similar, going through something similar, creating and struggling with something similar.

I have invested a fair share of money online on e-courses, workshops, and other things online that I felt like I needed. I have invested in a coach that helps me listen to my voice and reduce the outside noise. Where I’m still finding a gap is having a close-knit community that is willing to learn and grow along with me. I’m learning through experience that no matter how many courses or workshops you invest in, the real work starts with you taking some action towards making your goals happen. This is where I believe accountability and support of a community can come in.

  • I don’t claim to be an expert coach ‘coach’. (Honestly, being an expert is a myth)
  • I don’t assume to know what’s better for you but I can help create opportunities for your growth along with me.
  • I can hold space for your ideas to come to life in a collaborative manner.
  • I can help provide you the tools for transformation when it comes to building a wholehearted creative life.

This is something I am myself striving towards and if you are up for it, I’m setting up this membership community for creatives who are struggling to find meaning with their art and eager to create because they feel the need to create.

They cannot not create.

It will be a collaborative supportive community, more horizontal one where we all will get to learn from each other as we build our creative work and life practices together.

I wanted a story I could relate to and this is a place for you to if you are too looking for stories and personal experiences that you’d be able to relate to!

Why a Community?

Community, to me, means an opportunity for collective growth and becoming. It is about friendship, support, and encouragement to keep going and showing up courageously even when things get oh so difficult.

It’s a long road ahead but you don’t have to walk it alone!

This is how you’ll feel…

Less alone, less overwhelmed, deeply understood, immensely supported, highly encouraged, more hopeful and more confident

For your 20€ monthly fees, you will get

A community space – facebook group along with three regular monthly features:

  • Monthly Topic + Monthly Workshop delivered via Live in the facebook group and workbook to help you navigate
  • Monthly Q & A Live Sessions to give you a chance to share your worries or questions directly
  • Monthly Idea Generation Sessions

Some key elements of our time together:

  • Monthly Intention and Goal Setting
  • Accountability around the steps toward your goals
  • … and unlimited ongoing support of the community itself.

It will also be about figuring out as we go!


What we will be working on and towards?

  • Explore what Wholehearted creative living means to you and if you don’t know what living creatively and wholeheartedly looks like for you yet, the ideas, tools and the support of a community to help you discover that.
  • Inner foundations of taking risks, overcoming fears and dealing with self-doubt.
  • Support and tools to trust our own thinking so you don’t get lost in the noise and opinion of others and be on the course that’s truly right for you.
  • Help in figuring out who you are and what you want your art to be about. (A gentle sidenote: It doesn’t have to be big or out of the world to matter. It could simply just be. It could just be about changing your life. In the process, you might end up changing someone else’s life too and that’s huge!)
  • Uncovering and reframing our stories.
  • Focusing on your own fulfillment, self-discipline, and self-care so you are equipped better to deal with external challenges.
  • Uncovering the underlying psychological dynamics together.

We have lots of inner unlearning and relearning to do.

Some topics that I have on my mind so far for the months to come…

Clarity: Where to Begin?, Big Picture Goal Setting, Inner Critic, Procrastination, Perfectionism, Creative Confidence, Cultivating Courage, Showing up despite feeling afraid, Comparison

Are you ready for a journey of transformation together?

One time admin fee 25€ and 20€ monthly fee.

I’m hoping to co-create a safe no-judgment zone which will give you a feeling of belonging.

The first intake will only have 10 spaces and it won’t be open again before January 2020.

The first 3 sign-ups will get a 60 mins long group coaching call with me, a piece of original artwork and a hand-written letter from me.

We’ll kick off this community from the month of October and the topic will be Clarity: where to begin.

 Sign up to the list to be added to the waiting list or write me email info at hirasahmed.com to express your interest and reserve your seat.

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