Here’s a list of all the free resources that I have crafted especially for you with so much love and thought.

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A letter from me to you

I write letters every other Sunday where I share personal stories, lessons that I am learning along the way and my experiences of living my truth out loud and I’d love to connect with you!

Mini Audio Coaching Series

It is for you to dive into whenever you are in need of a little pep-talk and encouragement (approx. 20 minutes long) which includes; when you are finding it hard to give yourself permission to be a beginner, when you are struggling with ‘originality’ and it’s all been done before idea, when you are feeling low on creative motivation – here is some encouragement, when you are struggling with the guilt that comes from not being creative and when you are waiting to feel ready to take the next step

Finding Your Focus As a Multi-passionate Ebook

A mini e-book with simple and thoughtful questions for multi-passionate creatives like myself in the hope to help them find focus in their creative work and life.

My hope is that you will have a bit more clarity, a bit more courage to create the art you aspire to create, a tiny bit more willingness to show up as your best courageous self and a sense of direction.

Latest From the Blog

I share my personal insights, experiences, and thoughts for fellow creatives on the blog every Wednesday.

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