5 non-fiction books to inspire your creativity

Making time to read can be a little hard in our fast-paced lives. That’s one of the reasons I have started to admire the slow living lifestyle more. I love reading and making time for it. There is nothing compared to the joy I get from a good book in my hand that I just can’t put down. In my definition, a good book is the one that brings a shift in your perspective, makes you grow and makes you see the world just a little differently. I am sharing 5 non-fictional reads that inspired my creativity this year. I have learned some valuable lessons from these books and they are worth a read. I really wish I had read them way sooner in my life as they are now becoming the basis of how I choose to show up in the world today but better late than never. I hope you’ll enjoy reading and learning from them as much as I did.


This book helped me in identifying what was truly essential for me in ways I had never imagined before. When I picked this book I was dwelling down in overwhelm and never-ending to-do lists. I learned to ask important questions like, ‘Is this activity or opportunity the best use of my time’. It not only helped me in learning to differentiate between the essentials and non-essentials in daily life, but it also helped me in learning to say no gracefully, gaining focus and clarity on what matters the most for me. One sentence from Greg Mckeown that I will never forget is, ‘A choice is an action’. Even though it is geared a little towards business owners still I highly recommend reading it to the non-business owners as it brings you awareness around living your life with intention.

The War of Art

This book helped me identify resistance in my patterns and familiarized me with practical ways to overcome that resistance. Before reading this book, I believed a ton of stories about myself, my creativity and my creative process. It turns out it was resistance showing up in multiple ways, procrastination and fears, and I finally learned to identify it. The moment I was able to put my finger on it, that moment it became so much easier to talk myself out of it. It was like Steven Pressfield was in my head and talking to me directly, empowering me to deal with the inner resistance and commit to my calling.

Crossroads of should and must

It is a beautifully illustrated book. Its main theme is quite simple yet holds some powerful ideas to get your creative juices flowing. It holds tons of inspiration if you are a painter. For me, it helped me understand how I feel motivated, how to listen to your hearts deepest desires, and how its okay to follow your must even if it doesn’t pay the bills. It’s one of the books I will always keep in my book rack to keep reminding me of this conversation of choosing to follow your must instead of shoulds in life. Elle Luna has this wonderfully written and beautifully illustrated blog post that gives you a glimpse of this conversation between shoulds and musts.

Do the work

It’s Steven Pressfield again! but this time, with a foreword from another my all-time favorite blogger, Seth Godin. If you are struggling with bringing a dream into reality, any creative project this book is going to help you move past the resistance. It’s quite short, sweet and to the point. It was worth the investment of time and money, brought me a little more understanding of myself, and it motivated me to start showing up and doing the work.

Big magic

How much I needed this wonderful book in my life, I had no idea. I wish I had read it sooner. Maybe just 10 years back. Elizbeth Gilbert talks about creativity and ways how we can instill the practice into our daily lives as a creative and learn to stay true to ourselves and inspiration. I can’t possibly put into words how much it helped me in understanding how the creative mindset works, how inspiration works and how you have got to create just for the sake of it – if that’s your souls calling too. She has Magic Lessons Podcast series too! worth a listen.

Do you have any recommendations for me to read in this coming year? Leave them in the comments below. 


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