Disclaimer: This is the unedited long version.

I come from what we call, “The City of Lights” in Pakistan, Lahore. I was growing up to become a doctor, totally impressed by my father’s profession and the way I saw him constantly trying his best to serve people. Sometimes even at the cost of the family’s time. The more I grew older the more I realized, this is not how I want my life to look like. I still adored the profession but I realized that I had always been more passionate about creating, colors, bringing my imaginations into reality and being able to express myself in a way that was authentic to me.

Funny thing, before I realized this, I never knew there were any Art schools which offered degrees in Design or Art. Talk about living in a box, eh. Anyway, I decided to give it my all and go for my passions even though I kept hearing everyone around me (except my mom) that there is no future in pursuing art. Such misconceptions, tell me about it.

I knew in my heart that if I will stay true to myself, I will be able to crave my way out. Also, I loved walking the less traveled roads, I still do. Studying “Product Design” was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. I fell in love with the design process, figuring out ways and mediums to express and there, I was still helping people by designing products to make their lives simpler & easier instead of giving them injections. (I am an empath and I hate to see anyone in pain, I would haven’t survived to be a doctor myself). See, everything happens for a reason.

The minute I graduated I was super excited to become part of a multi-national company. But soon my excitement turned into resentment. Don’t get me wrong, I loved working there as an employee but the creative inside me started to call me out a corporate sell-out. Who wants to hear that? This is not something I was comfortable with so I decided to change that. Not on my watch, girl.

I changed quite a few jobs as I was in search of finding the best fit for myself. I did find some exciting jobs and I absolutely loved challenging myself until I was unhappy again. Meanwhile, my husband and I decided to move abroad. We choose one of the happiest countries to move to, Denmark.

Language was a challenge but an exciting one, I learnt Danish in almost a year only. On a side note, I absolutely love living here and now I finally found the courage to start my creative ventures as an independent creative. This is exactly what I want to help fellow creatives with, in finding their authentic voice, living true to themselves, their creative potentials and in getting paid while creating what they love to do.

I started focusing on the ideas, hidden pinterest boards that I had saved for a long time to bring those ideas into reality and this time I choose visual storytelling as a medium.

Interested in seeing for yourself and judging how good I am at what I do?

For DESIGN portfolio click here and for TESTIMONIALS click here.