‘Super studio’ is a quiet and comfortable space to settle in with a cup of tea in our hands for an hour-long chat about what is holding you back from being as creative as you aspire to be.

It is a space for wholehearted creatives who are aching to follow the path of their curiosity and hold space for themselves for their wildest dreams of creating art, sharing their message, and their ideas and stories to come to life through their artistic imaginings.

Creatives who are tired of playing small.

Creatives who value passiongenerosityempathyauthenticityvulnerability, and courage.

Creatives who are eager to redefine how they want to show up in their work and life on their own terms.

Creatives who believe they have too many passions to pursue in this life than they possibly can.

I’m a multi-passionate creative myself and I believe in,

“You have something amazing to share with the world”

I am a fan of designing your life, both personal & professional; consciously on your own terms.

Maybe you are a painter who loves color, paints, those textures and the smell of the studio filled with freshly painted canvases but you have lost touch with your paintings, life happened and suddenly there was no time left for you to get back on but when you finally thought about getting back in the game imposter syndrome kicked in and you found yourself petrified when you think about lifting that paintbrush again…

Maybe you are a writer who adores words and the magical combinations of them that can take the reader to places they have never imagined before but you are afraid of that strange feeling of anxiety that comes jumping in when you are starring at a blank page, you doubt that you are out of ideas, the good ones and you might never land on a good one again…

Maybe you are an illustrator who loves drawing but stuck in a day job that has nothing to do with illustration and you want to step out of your comfort zone, embrace that you were born to draw and see what you can bring to life but you are shit scared to take that leap and make things happen on your own terms…

Maybe you are a photographer who adores playing with light, those amazing possibilities, compositions, and angles and you value the power of visual storytelling but you are too afraid to embrace that you do have a valuable story to share with the world and you constantly think about how oversaturated this world of photography is. You fear your voice will just disappear somewhere in the crowd.

Maybe you are a multi-passionate creative who is stuck just by thinking where to start, which route, which passion, which obsession to pursue first and somehow you find yourself wrestling with time and trying most of them out all at the same time and never being able to give your best to any one of them because your attention and focus was all divided and you are still stuck even after all that hard work thinking where do I even begin…

Maybe you find yourself feeling stuck, absolutely terrified by the overwhelm you feel when you think about starting or maybe starting all over again and finally follow the voice of your heart that you had been ignoring for years.. or maybe you opted in to the notion that being an artist doesn’t serve value or that being an artist could just be a hobby but not your life’s calling.. or maybe you have too many passions to pursue and you can’t seem to figure out what is it that you want to do the most.. or maybe it is that you are in need of accountability, a little bit of guidance and gentle handholding out of the mess that you are in..

I know exactly how you feel as I have been there myself.

I believed I didn’t have anything worth sharing with the world, I had limiting beliefs around my abilities and strengths. I still struggle with imposter syndrome at times but I decided that I am not going to let these fears decide how I choose to show up in my work and life and I’m here to give you the push you need to start creating because you only have one life and the most adventurous thing you can do is live the life you dream of.

It’s not going to be easy but it is going to be so worth it.

Your message deserves to be heard and the world almost desperately needs creatives like you and me to take teeny tiny acts of courage daily which might build up and end up changing someone, something just even one person and we’d find ourselves the happiest that our work made a difference and played our part in making this world just a little better.

You aren’t alone and you don’t have to do this alone.

If you are looking for a safe and no-judgment zone to have such deep and meaningful conversations, for some accountability, guidance, and gentle handholding as you move forward to overcome those roadblocks, work on the mindset by challenging the stories you have been telling yourself for years…

You are in the right place.

I will help you discover what you love to create and bring it to reality so the world can experience and share that joy by your side.

Are you ready to discover what’s been holding you back from years?

You can read more about what previous awesome clients had to say about super studio this way.

This is for you if…

You start your mornings with an aching desire in your heart to create, express, bring your imaginations and inspirations into reality and play your part in changing the world
You are unsure about your creative calling
You have too many creative passions and you can’t seem to settle for one
You feel overwhelm, confusion and anxiety
You constantly doubt yourself, re-edit and even censor yourself
You long to gain a bit more clarity
You want to discover your strengths and want to build on them
You are afraid that you are not being creative, original, good or authentic enough
You often feel uninspired and end up procrastinating the time you have in your hands
You find yourself constantly wrestling with the limiting self-beliefs and stories you have been telling yourself
You need some accountability in your creative life
You feel like you don’t have enough time on your hands to be creative
You are creative and nurture your craft on regular basis but you have lost the sense of joy and excitement
You need help in opening yourself up to new ideas in your life and creative endeavors


You will leave with concrete actionable steps to get you started on your creative journey.

121 mentoring for wholehearted creatives to start believing in their creative potentials, overcoming fears, mental roadblocks and in creating with confidence.


More fulfillment. 
Authentic happiness. 
Sense of belonging.
Improved quality of life.
more independence.
Sense of achievement. 
trust in yourself to create more. 

You will set the intention


How can I harness the power of my inner creativity and build a sustainable career?
I am feeling uninspired, guilty of not creating and want some creative motivation I am too afraid to put myself out there.
I feel like my ideas are not what it takes.
I am not creative enough.
How to find my authentic style/ my voice?

Personal Development:

I want to dig a little deeper and find out what is stopping me from becoming who I want to become. Can you help?
I promised to become a life-long learner and I want to take my art to next level. Can you help?


How am I standing in my own way and can I fix those mental roadblocks?
I am not sure which way to go?
From where to start, can you help?
I am running short of ideas.
How can I feel inspired again, where can I find inspiration?
How can I get paid for being creative, doing the thing I absolutely love doing?
I want to start enjoying the creative process but I am stuck, can you help?


Book Your One Hour Long Super-Session Now

Your investment: £97


Quick Start:

– 60 mins long One Session
– Personalized Action Plan
– Tailored to your individual needs resources list

Your investment: £97

Deep Dive:

– 60 mins long three Sessions
– Worksheets
– Personalized Action Plan
– Tailored to your individual needs resources list

Your investment: £197

All in one:

– 60 mins long initial Session
– Worksheets
– Personalized Action Plan
– Tailored to your individual needs resources list
– 2 Additional Accountability Sessions
– Unlimited Email Support
– Skype/ Video Support

Your investment: £250



Over Skype or a substitute if Skype is not the available option for you. (e.g. Google Hangouts or Zoom).


You can talk to me! I am happy to have a phone or e-mail conversation and answer your questions. Click here to schedule a complimentary Information Session (opens my scheduling page in a new window). You can also read what some of my clients have said about their experience with me.


Absolutely, without a question. The whole session and its information is confidential. I take this very seriously.


In our every interaction together, I will act with honesty, sincerity, and integrity without any outside distractions to be fully present with you. I will ask direct questions to make you think & come closer to your truth and offer suggestions after asking for your permission first.


You are curious, open to change and willing to be honest with yourself and with me. You are committed to action and evolution. You set the agenda and tell me what you need for each session. You determine your goals and priorities. You define success for yourself. You keep your commitments and are fully present for each session.


At this moment, there is only one package that I am offering which is listed above with all the relevant details and cost.

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