Map Design

Artworks in the Ballerup Kommune

The idea was to design a route inspired by the concept of treasure hunt. I was responsible for the illustrations and designing the map of the artworks in the Ballerup commune to show and share the story and history behind each one of them with locals, students and tourists. These maps are available at the Ballerup Library for public to grab and follow along.

Brochure Design

A retreat in Iceland

I was responsible to incorporate the brand’s visual identity and design a brochure to share the news of an upcoming retreat in Iceland.

Illustration – Passion Project

‘You are a wildflower’ affirmation cards 

The concept behind the collection is to share words of encouragement, comfort and wisdom to make creative folk feel less alone and more hopeful in their journey. The tagline for the project was, ‘You are a wildflower that blooms despite the odds’. I was responsible for the concept, illustration of 100 different wildflowers, writing of affirmations, printing and packaging design.

Flyer Design

Invitation to join in 

I was responsible to design the flyer for print.

Catalog Design

Available courses and workshops

As the one and only designer of the Villa Blide Kursuscenter, I was responsible for the designing of catalog, ads, content for social media, newsletter and website according to the brand’s visual identity. Here’s a little glimpse of the catalog that I designed.

Magazine Design

Monthly Issue in print

My job was to compile all the data in a visually pleasing manner and design the layout of the magazine in a way that highlights the voices of the migrant voices. I designed the complete layout of the magazine keep in mind the brand’s visual identity.


Cover Art Design for ‘Creatively Human’ Podcast

I was hired to design a digital illustration in alignment with the brand’s visual identity for their podcast. I incorporated the brand’s aesthetics, the look and feel while designing.