Living Your Truth: Ep. 04 Figuring Things Out As We Go with Giulia

Giulia is a writer and a translator. She lives in Scotland where she is trying to slow down her life in order to live it to the fullest. She is still figuring things out, and she shares all her thoughts on the matter on her blog. She cares deeply about meaning, nuances and the power of language to form an identity.

In this episode, we talked about her journey of leaving a dream corporate job, traveling for a year and then finally slowing down to sit with her thoughts, figure out what she’d rather love doing.

We also talked about the power of stories and how sharing our true not so perfect messy parts can empower others to see what’s possible for them too. We talked a lot about the process and how going through the process and the discomfort is inevitable if you wish to deviate from the should do’s in your life.

Listen now:



  • what does she do and how she started
  • moving from a corporate world to the freelancer life
  • her struggle with claiming the title, ‘writer’
  • the traditional expectations of the title, ‘writer’ and how it stood in her way
  • what did her process of finding her truth looked like
  • slowing down, yoga and meditation
  • the need to have it all figured out
  • questioning herself: ‘I don’t have a dream’ so where does that leave me?
  • how she struggled with not having a purpose
  • learning how to be curious again
  • how we are all in the middle of it and figuring it out as we go
  • how she likes to spend her days and weeks
  • why she became a freelancer in the first place
  • filling life and days with joy instead of work, work, and work
  • hearing the stories of others inspired her to make space and gave her permission to figure out what she wanted to do with her life
  • how stories give her the assurance to see what’s possible
  • struggling with identity and a title to describe yourself
  • the struggle of re-framing your identity after leaving your job
  • the importance of going through the process
  • struggles with perfectionism and indecision
  • figuring out your voice
  • growing up in different cultures as women and having to struggle with being financially dependent on your male counterparts


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