Living Your Truth: Ep. 06 Showing Up as an Introverted Shy Creative Online with Ruth Poundwhite

Ruth is a creative business mentor to quietly ambitious women based in the UK. She has been in the online business world for about 11 years. Ruth recognizes herself as a massive introverted shy human.

In this episode, we talked about what is it like to be an introvert who is quietly ambitious in the online business world, how she is managing her energy and building the stamina to keep showing up as her self while honouring her needs and how and where is she finding support. We also talked about noticing the difference between when it is fear that is holding us back and when it is the need to recharge and take some time off.

This episode is full of juicy bits and aha moments for introverts who are trying to put themselves out there and are ambitious. Connecting to Ruth and seeing her taking up space online has been a real joy and confidence booster for me. I hope you’ll enjoy the conversation as much as I did.

Listen now:


  • a little intro about Ruth and her work
  • being a quiet, ambitious, shy and introverted human
  • working and building a business in a way that works for us
  • struggles of showing up as yourself
  • her personal story and experience of embracing her introverted side
  • business and life being one thing when you build a personal brand
  • putting yourself out there as the face of your brand
  • starting a business brings up all the insecurities you have about yourself
  • starting a business is a vulnerable thing
  • there is not just one way to do things
  • sharing and showing up as yourself honestly brings in people who resonate with your values and you as a person
  • stretching your comfort zone
  • putting yourself out there is a practice, the more you do it, the more you become comfortable with putting yourself out there
  • showing up on talking to camera stories on Instagram, the struggles and how you can build that confidence
  • how to approach that idea that you have nothing interesting or important to say or add to the conversation
  • what resonates with people and how you make connections as an introvert
  • how to maintain your energy levels as an introvert
  • the difference between do I really need to recharge or is there something to work on
  • being quiet and introverted is not a bad thing
  • owning our introverted selves and maintaining healthy boundaries
  • noticing the difference between fear holding us back and our need to recharge as an introverted human



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