Living Your Truth: Ep. 11 Doing Things Our Own Way with Agnes Becker (We Are Stardust)

Agnes is an artist, freelance science communication consultant and creator of the online shop, we are stardust. We are stardust is a print design shop where art and science collide.

In this episode, we talked about her journey of combining science and art, creating a niche market for herself, going freelance, doing things her own way and how she is making it all work.

Her artwork is absolutely gorgeous. Agnes’s story is the last of this series. The end of the first season of living your truth podcast. I am super happy to share her story with you all as her story is a testament t0 doing things in our own unique, messy and human way. I am sure this episode will also give you permission to do things in their own way too.

Listen now:



  • a beautiful introduction about Agnes herself and her online adventure, we are stardust
  • the uncommon combination of art and science in her work
  • Craving a unique niche for herself: Freelance Science Communication Consultant
  • how it all started and what did the journey of getting here looked like
  • the distinction between art and science was not something that made sense to her and she tried to combine the two in a way that would make sense when she was choosing her graduate studies
  • finding your feet in the job market
  • doing part-time jobs to keep yourself afloat while living in an expensive city like London
  • understanding how you work best
  • going freelance
  • setting up the online shop and where the inspiration came from
  • becoming a mum
  • perfectionism and how she approaches it
  • why it is important for her to do what she does
  • art, drawing, and painting as a form of meditation
  • observing better and being curious about your surroundings
  • you don’t always have to know everything
  • her struggles when she first launched we are stardust
  • clarity and the fear of what other people will think or say about us
  • current struggles

  • prioritising better and learning to prioritise the ones that bring you joy
  • having a limited time in your hands
  • learning to say no and practicing kindness
  • having a plan in advance takes the indecision away
  • starting with the creative expression when starting to work instead of sitting down to do the admin or editorial tasks
  • finding support online and offline
  • it all starts with the mindset
  • learning to embrace and let things flow instead of trying to perfect them and control them
  • her creative process and how she likes to spend her days
  • the pressure we put on ourselves for our creativity to earn us money
  • practicing gratitude
  • what does living a wholehearted creative life looks like for her


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