Manifesto 2018

I always found myself standing just a little too much on the edge, trying to do things differently and believing that different is always good.

‘You have something amazing to share with the world’,
‘The worlds needs what you’ve got’,
‘Your voice matters’.

These have been my mantra’s for as long as I can remember. Now, almost a year in, I am finding some courage to write and share my ‘manifesto’ with you or should I call it, ‘Hira-ifesto?’ 

It took me weeks of struggling with resistance and scarcity around narrowing it down to finally have it in this form. I am slowly learning to understand and accept that it is okay – sometimes this is how long it takes for wonderful things to come to the surface. I’m feeling content to have it as a reference and jumping off point to guide my future work and how I’ll choose to show up in the world.

You are the only ‘you’ in the world

Believing in your individuality. Having the confidence in your voice, your perspective, your vision, your experiences, your ideas, and your stories.

Becoming the best possible version of your self

Becoming self-aware, and leaving room for personal growth by taking the time out to really look inside, discovering our strengths, finding out what motivates us and what absolutely drains us.

Redefining life ‘conscoiusly’ on your own terms

Having the courage to consciously redefine preconceived notions of what life, success and everything in between is supposed to look like for us on our own terms. Learning to differentiate between the ‘shoulds’ and ‘musts’ in life and building the courage to follow our ‘must’.

Giving ourselves ‘permission’

Giving ourselves permission to be unique, to stand out, claim some space for ourselves, to live out our truth out loud, to experiment, to not to be perfect, to make mistakes, to be human, to be gentle and not too hard on ourselves, and to never stop growing.

Getting to the heart of things by questioning everything

Promising to get to the heart of things however chaotic and messy it might be by questioning everything and not just blindly following in a hope to figure what works the best for us in our own time. Staying curious, valuing curiosity and willingness to follow our curiosity.

Unlearning first to learn more

Learning to unlearn the preconceived notions, ideas and the stories you keep telling yourself as you move ahead.

Having faith in the ‘process’

Believing that the journey is, in fact, the destination. Having faith in the process, the struggles and not only indulging in the vision of what that destination looks like for us.

Doing the work and keep showing up

Taking the responsibility to change whatever it is that is making us uncomfortable enough to complain about it. Being willing to do the work it takes to be where we want to be and committing to keep showing up for ourselves and the work we are meant to do in whatever capacity we can.

Less is more

Becoming really clear on what is it that serves value and purpose in our lives and work, simplifying and making informed life choices by choosing to live simply and mindfully.

Experiencing and sharing with generosity

Letting our imaginations run wild, experiencing multiple possibilities, dreaming big and sharing whatever we are learning with generosity.

Being brave, courageous and vulnerable

Trusting our intuition, believing ourselves that we are worthy and capable of doing wonderful things, building confidence and courage to live your truth out loud, sharing the vulnerable sides, and becoming the bravest possible version of ourselves by sharing our stories however messy, raw and unedited they might be.  

Living slowly, intentionally and purposefully

Being intentional in carving a path for ourselves that is true to who we are, what we stand for and what we want to bring into this world. Taking the next one step to bring your ideas to life and to have the kind of impact we are aiming at. Instead of hustling hard, working our way through in our own time and by developing systems and processes that are aligned with who we are as a person.

Meaningful conversations

Encouraging deep, meaningful and soulful conversations and making space for real connections to happen. Believing in supporting, generosity, and community over competition.

Creating white space

Being fully present at the moment, focusing your attention on what’s truly essential, reducing the noise, creating some white space and solitude for our creativity to flourish.

Creating Art

Believing in creating art just for the sake of it with zero expectations to get it perfect or to show anyone, following our deep desires, intuition, inspirations and bringing them to life despite feeling afraid. 


We only live once and making sure to make the best out of it for ourselves.

– This manifesto is subject to change, grow and evolve as I change, grow and evolve. 

I am grateful for Jen Carrington and her writing for your dream clients creative class for inspiring me to pen it down in a way that feels right to where I am at in my life and work at the moment.

Have you discovered what your manifesto looks like? 

If you are thinking about writing one now, here’s another great example of a manifesto to inspire and guide your thoughts by Anne Stark Ditmeye. You are welcome to share it in the comments below – if you feel like it and I promise to read each and every single one of them.

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Manifesto for 'Art of conscious living' by hirasahmed

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