You are a Wildflower Affirmation Cards


A collection of 60 cards with unique hand-drawn illustrations and hand-written affirmations with a touch of gold.

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You are a wildflower that blooms despite the odds and affirmations are the right conditions that make it possible for you to grow.

Affirmations are positive statements in the first person to help you build patterns that serve you. Think of them as a way to disrupt the negative thought patterns and make space for the ones that serve you better.

More About the Collection

– There are 60 cards in one collection.

– Every card has a unique hand-drawn illustration with a tiny wildflower blooming in hints of gold as a reminder for you to give yourself permission to bloom despite the odds.

– 50 of them are filled with handpicked and handwritten affirmations that I personally use for myself.

– 10 of them are waiting for you to write your own affirmations around your current struggles in life.

– ‘You are a Wildflower Affirmation Cards’ are ready to deliver and are only available in a limited quantity.

Order one now for yourself or as a gift to a loved one, a friend who might be in need of a little pick-me-up.