Why there are not any workshops or courses? What’s the value then?

No workshops, courses or any of that sort because I know how you’ve already researched enough and trust me when I say this, it could be a very exciting yet safe thing to do – investing in courses and secretly wishing somehow you investing in that course will make it happen for you when the truth is, all that knowledge and research is not worth anything if you don’t put it into action, into practice and figure out your very own version of it all.

**The value will be:**

– develop a relationship with your inner mentor’s voice
– differentiate between the voice of your fears and your intuition
– develop the confidence to share your imperfect versions
– be with your fear and show up anyway
– let go of the need to do it perfectly
– embrace the discomfort
– find alternatives to procrastination
– listen to your intuition
– build creative confidence
– cultivate an unshakeable self-belief
– cultivate courage and creativity by doing the work and showing up in whatever capacity you can and in a way that works for you, slowly and intentionally

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