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Mehreen Farhan 

It is time for our APRIL feature. I am thrilled to introduce you to Mehreen, editor in Chief, The Pakistani Woman and the founder of the first platform for Pakistani Lady Bloggers. She is a well-established blogger and aims to empower other lady bloggers. I have found her immensely helpful, always ready to jump in and above all a wonderful human being with a caring heart. Let’s hear about what makes her, her via her own words.

Tell us a little about yourself, what do you do and why do you do it?

I’m Mehreen, a writer since childhood and blogger since 2008. I was intrigued by art but also gadgets and everything techie. I’ve been a computer science professional too at one point. But in the end, what resonated most with me was writing.

I write because nothing has felt so natural to me like this. For the longest time, I wrote for my own self. Today, I’m trying to make this happen for other people. I encourage women to write because they have knowledge that they aren’t even aware of themselves. The results are amazing. And fulfilling indeed!

What makes you, you?

Having diverse interests at the same time, tendency to pursue anything passionately, being a good listener, and always telling myself that my cup is only half full. I want to learn new things and I’m not ashamed to admit if I don’t know something. I forgive easily and I am the one who makes the first move in apologizing. I’ve always been wildly creative as a child and I’ve been writing stories for as long as I can remember. Many people tell me I have a way of expressing complicated feelings in words effortlessly and I’d like to believe them.

What are your sources of motivation?

I have been blessed with an amazing support system, Alhumdullilah. First and foremost, my husband gets the credit because more often than I’d like to admit, he is the one who faces the brunt of my busy schedule. Nonetheless, he’s the one who’s got my back. He’s my rock, my constant. My family believed in me in times I stopped believing, and finally, my friends cheered for me along the way. My motivation is the wonderful people around me who want to see me grow.
Writing has, for now, taken a back seat and I’m eager to have the time and frame of mind to resume it fully.

Tell us how creativity and the work you do is important for you and why?

Apart from building a place where women can write and put their points across, I have founded Pakistan’s first blogging community exclusively for women. This project is very close to my heart because it started at a very dark time in my life. At that time, I took the conviction of paving my own way if I didn’t find any; and decided to help others along the way. This work is important because it’s my metamorphosis into someone I always wanted to be.

What lessons have you learned so far from life?

The most important lessons and they will sound bookish I know, is to not wait for perfect conditions, make them. You never know your potential unless you make that first step. Embrace your fear. And lastly, don’t take everything in life personally. Not everything in life is about us, sometimes what happens to us is a ripple effect on someone else’s life. Just wait and watch.

What do you love the most about yourself?

My resilience.

Would you say that you love yourself, completely?

I don’t think so; I’m not even sure if loving yourself ‘completely’ is a wise thing to do. Sometimes it becomes an obstacle in improving or correcting ourselves. Loving yourself is a long process of self-realization and mindfulness; I’m still on my way.

If you would be naming your own story, what the title would be like?

I’m not very creative with titles and I wouldn’t want to overestimate myself. Why don’t you readers give me a title?

Who inspires you the most and why?

The women in my life inspire me. The woman I call my mother is the strongest woman I know who has responded to every adversity with sheer optimism, gratitude, and positivity. Even today, she is a far better fast learner than me, with a keen mind and an eye for detail. My late mother in law, in whom I saw a lady of intellect and brilliance, who knew how to motivate others to be a better version of themselves. She was a people’s person and had the ability to empower women no matter what their ages. Each and every woman inspires me because we women are treasure troves of secret pains and losses, yet we nurture and give life. Every woman is remarkable in her own way.

At the end of your life, what do you want your legacy to be?

I don’t think I can answer this question accurately at this point. A legacy should be inspiring and an exemplary way forward. We humans always want our name to be remembered but let’s not forget that the people who didn’t go after a legacy were indeed the ones who are still remembered. Selflessness aspires great things in man.

Any message for the readers?

As a writer, I want my readers to know that I write for you, and so do many talented bloggers. If you read someone’s blogs, take a minute out to tell them they’re doing a great job. It will be a great confidence boost for them and encourage them to do better. In the end, I will just say, thank you for reading.

Lastly, where can people find and connect with you?

They can find me here:

Pakistani Lady Bloggers FB Group 

The Pakistani Woman Magazine

The Pakistani Woman on Instagram



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