Intuitive + strategic guidance, gentle-handholding and accountability as you figure out your own answers

For the curious, wild-hearted, and soulful humans

One on one and group mentoring options are available. This is the journey of embracing your wild and I’m right there with you, every step of the way to bring it to life in your own unique, messy, and human way.

You are worthy of living a creative life on your own terms, in your own time and in your own unique, messy and human way.


For me, it is all about holding space for you and your wildest dreams to come to life.

Our Studio Time

One on one Mentoring


A safe space to settle in with a cup of tea in our hands for the heart to heart chats about what is holding you back from building the creative work and life practice that you are longing to have.


Group mentoring/ Mastermind


An intensive group program designed to help you embrace the power of you in your creative work and life. A journey of finding what works for you. A journey of transformation together and support while you figure out your own answers.

What I do


I’m a multi-passionate creative and I’m wildly passionate about helping creative humans like yourself to create and share their stories and ideas with the world.

I am here to help you really own your story and live your truth out loud.

My approach is shaped through my own experience and years of struggling through the fears, limiting beliefs and the stories I had been telling myself.

I will help you in finding your focus, gaining the clarity and direction you need to keep moving forward and growing in your creative work and life practice.

How We Work Together

Think of Our Studio Time as a safe space and me as your friend, your supporter, someone who is on your side who makes you feel safe, seen, heard, and more than anything, not alone. I’m not here to give you tough love or make you want to do things in a certain way. Instead, I am here to hold space for your intuition to bring your very own version of success to life.

Here’s what we will do together…

We’ll bounce ideas off each other so that you won’t have to do anything alone and also to make you feel more confident in your abilities as a creative.

We’ll work towards making your goals happen, fill in any knowledge gap that you might be encountering and I will help you in gaining clarity throughout the process.

Our Approach will be…

It will be collaborative to bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be in your creative work and life. Together we’ll take a cooperative approach that will fit you and your goals.

You can expect me to cheer you on every step of the way and bring you out of the confusion or overwhelm. In return, I expect you to be committed to showing up wholeheartedly and take charge to do the work and making things happen.

Once you are ready to take the leap we’ll start with some questions to help you set the intention before our first call together to make sure it is valuable for you.

This way, you are going to lead our time together.

Kelsey Mech

– Counsellor, coach and trauma therapist @kelseymech, website



“Hira is the sweetest, most kind, gentle and encouraging soul. She helped me to believe in myself and my presence online and decrease some of the isolation and self-doubt I was feeling. If you need your very own cheerleader and support squad, wrapped up with helpful insight and suggestions, Hira is your girl.

Bethany Rose
Photographer @brbethanyrosewebsite



“Hira was a fantastic support for me in a time of complete self-doubt. An understanding and experienced approach really helped me to see the bigger picture and begin to look into alternative ways of working on my projects to help me move forward”

Who I Help

Maybe you are a painter who loves color, paints, those textures and the smell of the studio filled with freshly painted canvases but you have lost touch with your paintings, life happened and suddenly there was no time left for you to get back but now when you are finally thinking about getting back to your paintbrushes and those empty canvases imposter syndrome kicks in, your inner critics voice gets louder and louder and you find yourself terrified even on the thought of lifting that paintbrush again…

Maybe you are a writer who adores words and the magical combinations of them that can take the reader to places they have never imagined before but you are afraid of that strange feeling of anxiety that comes kicking in when you are starring at a blank page, you doubt that you are out of ideas, the good ones, or that its all been done and said before, and you might never land on a good or original one again…

Maybe you are an illustrator who loves drawing but is stuck in a day job that has nothing to do with illustration and you want to step out of your comfort zone, embrace that you were born to draw and see what you can bring to life but you are crazy scared to take that risk and make things happen on your own terms…

Maybe you are a photographer who adores playing with light, those amazing possibilities, compositions, and angles and you value the power of visual storytelling but you are too afraid to embrace that you do have a valuable perspective and story to share with the world and instead, you constantly think about how oversaturated this world of photography is. You fear your voice will just disappear somewhere in the crowd…

Maybe you are a multi-passionate creative who is stuck thinking where to start, which route, which passion, which obsession to pursue first and somehow you find yourself wrestling with time and trying most of them out all at the same time and never being able to give your best to any one of them because your attention and focus is all divided and you are still stuck even after all that hard work – thinking where do you even begin…

Maybe you are a bighearted creative who is feeling stuck, absolutely terrified by the overwhelm you feel when you think about starting something new or maybe starting all over again and finally giving yourself permission to follow the voice of your heart that you had been ignoring for years…

or maybe you are the one who opted into the notion that being an artist doesn’t serve value or maybe you ended up believing the lie that being an artist could just be a hobby but not your life’s calling…

or maybe you are one of those who have already started to make things happen for you and you are in need of accountability, a little bit of support and guidance from someone who gets it, who has done it and who can cheer you on every step of the way.

I know exactly how you feel as I have been there myself.

Joy Caroni
Acrylic Artist of

“Hira is such a great listener, and she deeply understood my struggles and was able to help me find solutions. 

Huge win for me would be better focus and objectivity to start the things that originally felt huge and overwhelming. I always come away from a call inspired and motivated to get things done. Her counsel is complementary to an artist like me, no matter the industry you’re in.”

My promise to you:

In our every interaction together, I will act with honesty, sincerity, and integrity without any outside distractions to be fully present with you. I will ask direct questions with your permission to make you think & come closer to your own truth and offer suggestions.

My expectation from you:

You are curious, open to change, ready to embrace the discomfort and willing to be honest with yourself and with me. You are committed to action and evolution. You’ll take the responsibility for making things happen, setting the agenda and asking for what you need for each session. You keep your commitments and are fully present for each session.

Joelle Kay Thompson
Maker behind everydayavantgarde


“If you are considering working with Hira an important thing to know is that she is not about trying to get someone to change who they are but rather develop into their best self. Hira brings a great level of sincerity and also a desire for her client to be unapologetically true to themselves. 

Hira is an amazing coach to work with and have by your side as you figure things out.”

Our Studio Time

One on one Mentoring


A safe space to settle in with a cup of tea in our hands for the heart to heart chats about what is holding you back from building the creative work and life practice that you are longing to have.


Group mentoring/ Mastermind


An intensive group program designed to help you embrace the power of you in your creative work and life. A journey of finding what works for you. A journey of transformation together.

Nadia Dea Maria   
Artist @nadiadeamaria

“Hira is supportive, encouraging and insightful. Her approach was focused, collaborative and gentle. With this one call, I learned to be in conversation with myself in a different way that led to trusting myself and the process more. Talking out my fears, shame and confronting my struggles with Hira by my side helped me a lot. She created the right kind of space for me to flow in – it was especially helpful in the time of confusion and overwhelm.

Our one call together made all the difference for me! A truly valuable investment. It was everything I needed and beyond my expectations!”

Still Not sure?

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If you have any questions, concerns, or if you are curious to see we are the right fit for each other – I’d be happy to hop on a 15 mins discovery call for you. Book away! ↓