Deep Dive

One to one Creative Mentoring

Deep Dive is six 60 mins long calls.

You are a wholehearted creative. You seek clarity and direction, support to uncover the stories you have been telling yourself for years, gentle-handholding to get out of confusion and those creative ruts and to take up some space.


You are aching to forge your own path, follow your curiosities and to not leave any of your parts behind. You are tired of playing small and so ready to hold space for your wildest dreams of creating art, sharing your message and your ideas and your stories to come to life.


You long for the creative confidence and a belief that you are enough, and oh so capable of creating the art you want to create, show up as who you are and stand up for what you believe in and also to achieve the lifestyle you dream of.


You value connection, creativity, intuition, truth, courage, and vulnerability.

How We Work Together

Once you get in touch, I will share a questionnaire with you to help you set the intention for our call. You will be able to share what you are struggling with and I will try my very best to hold space for you to work it out during our coaching call. The coaching call will be done via Skype Audio Call. During the call, I will ask questions to help you dive deeper into what’s been standing in your way all this time and how you can come up with solutions that would work best for you. Our coaching call together is led by you to make sure you get the most out it. After the call, I will share a recording of our call, notes and practical tasks for you to keep working towards your goal and a list of resources to dive into around your specific situation and needs.

Client Story

Joy Caroni
Acrylic Artist of

Before our session, I was not sure how much value I’d get out of it and also, there was the kind of insecurity that comes up when you are meeting someone you’ve never met before to discuss such intimate details about yourself which were quickly put to rest by your warmth and smile. I love your energy! Hira is such a great listener, and she deeply understood my struggles and was able to help me find solutions. I never felt any judgment from her. And I loved her gift for taking my bullshit excuses and helping me to see them for what they are, just excuses. And amazing advice for actionable steps to put into place.

After our session, I’ve created a yearly planner and I am sticking to the goals and it gives me such a great overview of the year and a monthly breakdown of what I can be accomplishing. 100% thanks to Hira’s recommendation to get a better overview, look at the bigger picture, and identify and to define my non-negotiables.

Huge win for me would be better focus and objectivity to start the things that originally felt huge and overwhelming. I’m working on getting automated systems in place so I can focus better on the thing that I love doing, creating art.

I love working with Hira and appreciate her so much. Her organizational skills are legendary. Her patience and kindness are wonderful. I always come away from a call inspired and motivated to get things done. Hira is just brilliant at problem-solving! I could not recommend working with Hira enough. Her counsel is complementary to an artist like me, no matter the industry you’re in.

Some specific areas I can help with…

  • Providing you a safe space to explore your passions, dreams, hopes and deepest desires
  • Gaining clarity, focus, and direction
  • Helping you set goals that are in alignment with who you are
  • Working through fears and limiting beliefs that might be holding you back
  • Developing the confidence to create and show up in a way that feels right for you
  • Talking you through the stories you have been telling yourself
  • Figuring out ways in which you can cultivate and manifest your creativity
  • Sharing my honest feedback on your projects
  • Supporting you in your upcoming creative projects
  • Helping you setting goals or breaking down big dreams into tiny actionable steps
  • Holding you accountable
  • Bringing the joy back into your process
  • Helping you find inspiration and motivation to keep moving forward
  • Sharing my personal story, journey and struggles to help you move past yours
  • Talking it out with someone who gets it, who has walked the path and made it to the other side
  • Finding your personal style and your artistic voice
  • Coping with the fear of not being good enough, original enough or creative enough
  • Getting to the heart of your message and story
  • Owning your story
  • Coping with guilt and resentment that comes from avoiding and denying our creativity for years
  • Helping with the overwhelm and cutting through the noise to find your own voice
  • Reframing the stories you’ve been telling yourself from years
  • Listening to your any frustrations that you might be facing
  • Celebrating your big or small wins and cheering you on

This is for you if…

  • You seek clarity, focus, and direction around your creative work and life
  • You feel overwhelmed, confused and anxious
  • You constantly doubt yourself, re-edit and even censor yourself
  • You secretly believe your story, your work or your ideas aren’t worthy enough to be shared
  • You are afraid that you are not being creative, original, good or authentic enough
  • You find yourself constantly wrestling with the limiting self-beliefs and stories you have been telling yourself for years
  • You start your mornings with an aching desire in your heart to create, express, bring your imaginations and inspirations into reality
  • You are unsure about your creative calling
  • You have too many creative passions and you can’t seem to settle for one
  • You want to discover your strengths and want to build on them
  • You often feel uninspired and end up procrastinating the time you have in your hands
  • You need some accountability in your creative work and life
  • You feel like you don’t have enough time on your hands to be creative
  • You are creative and nurture your craft on a regular basis but you have lost the sense of joy and excitement
  • You need help in opening yourself up to new ideas in your life and creative endeavors

This is for you if you know you’d benefit from help and support from someone who has been there and have lived it.

This is not for you if…

You are looking for an easy way out, a blueprint or a formula to make success happen overnight. Making things on our own terms take time and hard work. I am not a consultant and I’m not going to tell you exactly what to do. I don’t assume to know you or what’s best for your creative work and life better than you. I’ll help you increase your understanding through conversations and practical exercises, share my personal stories and experiences, teach you what I know, work with you to cultivate courage and an unshakeable self-belief but you must be willing to take the responsibility and do the work yourself, though I will be right there with you to encourage you every step of the way.

Your Investment and what’s included:

450 €


6 Skype Video Calls
(approximately 60 mins long each)


After each call together, you’ll get

  • A recording of our call
  • Practical exercises and tasks
  • A list of resources to dive deeper into


Access to email conversations in between our calls together

My promise to you:

In our every interaction together, I will act with honesty, sincerity, and integrity without any outside distractions to be fully present with you. I will ask direct questions to make you think & come closer to your truth and offer suggestions after asking for your permission first.

My expectation from you:

You are curious, open to change and willing to be honest with yourself and with me. You are committed to action and evolution. You set the agenda and tell me what you need for each session. You determine your goals and priorities. You define success for yourself. You keep your commitments and are fully present for each session.

To Book your spot:

If contact forms are not your thing, you can email me directly at info at hirasahmed dot com

Still Not sure?

Sign up to my fortnightly letters, read client stories, download the mini-ebook, ‘finding your focus as a multi-passionate’, learn more about my approach over on the blog or get in touch.

If you have any questions, concerns or if you are curious to see we are a right fit or not get in touch this way and I’d be happy to arrange a free 15 mins discovery call for you.