Living Your Truth: Ep. 10 Enjoying The Process with Rubeena (The Gray Muse)

Rubeena is the business owner of a creative shop, The Gray Muse, a social worker and a psychotherapist by profession. The Gray Muse was founded in 2019 and it is the first enamel pin shop designed specifically with crafters and artists in mind.

In this episode, we talked about setting up a creative business for yourself, enjoying the process more than the outcome, finding your own version of success and the importance of listening to your own intuition to guide the way.

Listen now:



  • a little background and intro about Rubeena and her work
  • how she started her business
  • focusing on academics and never allowing her creativity to flourish before turning 29
  • learning to combine the artistic and analytical side
  • connecting with the artistic side
  • art allows you to let go of control and perfectionism
  • the process is way more important than the outcome
  • the approach is different if you choose to study design or fine arts
  • finding your style
  • having a sense of play when it comes to creating is important
  • becoming okay with good enough work instead of obsessing over the perfect one
  • your work will resonate with some people and it won’t resonate with others but it is nothing personal
  • taking risks and becoming okay with the results
  • how becoming a mother taught her to stretch her comfort zone
  • the importance of staying curious
  • asking for help when you need it
  • listening to your intuition

  • trusting yourself along the way
  • you are more capable than you give yourself credit for
  • you can achieve anything you put your mind to is a mindset
  • the need to feel like an expert and why we don’t believe in the myth of being an expert
  • information overload in this era
  • finding your very own version of success
  • people-pleasing won’t take you much far
  • the relation between success and your age
  • what her day looks like
  • advice for someone who wants to start their own creative business





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