Living Your Truth: Ep. 09 Creating Every day with Sarah Van Der Linden (Mirglis)

Sarah is a watercolor artist, photographer and nature enthusiast based in Seine et Marne, France. She paints beautiful landscapes and she teaches online on Skillshare.

I have been following her work for a while and it was such an honour to invite her and talk to her about her process. In this episode, we chatted about her love for nature and how it inspires her to paint, why is it important for her to create and how it all began. Sarah creates every day. At least one painting a day. I find it fascinating. I hope you’ll enjoy learning about her journey too!

Listen now:



  • a little background and intro about Sarah and her work
  • how she lost touch with her creative side while growing up and why that happened
  • when money is involved it impacts the way you show up for your creativity
  • how moving to the countryside played a role in her connection back to her creativity
  • she paints landscapes in watercolors and how it all began
  • her struggles in the beginning
  • how everything doesn’t turn out how you want it to be in the beginning
  • learning to accept the beginner stage
  • becoming okay with experimenting
  • the medium of watercolors invite experimentation
  • how she developed her own unique style with time and what the journey of finding her own artistic voice looked like
  • committing to practicing
  • doing a 100 day project for painting
  • current project: 30 day project of painting forest inspired by the colors of autumn
  • why is it important for her to create and celebrate nature through her work
  • having the time and space to slow down and be mindful
  • stepping outside of your comfort zone
  • advice for creatives who are struggling to find their own artistic voice
  • how she likes to spend her days
  • having a morning ritual and starting your day with doing something for yourself that brings you joy
  • making a habit of painting a painting every single day
  • teaching online skillshare classes
  • speaking and teaching in English when it is not your first language
  • learning different languages
  • focusing more on the process instead of the outcome
  • learning that there are no right or wrong ways of doing things especially in creating art
  • having a dream and making living from your art
  • finding the motivation to keep going
  • to or not to monetize your art




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