Manifesto for Wholehearted Creative Living

Remember the manifesto I shared a year ago? I have been noticing a shift in my work, my approach and in the way I’m showing up in my creative work and life and I wanted to claim my voice in a way that would fit who I’m becoming along the way too. So here I’m today sharing my evolved version of the manifesto with you.

Manifesto for Wholehearted creative living

We are worthy

Holding space for ourselves that we are worthy, our story matters, our ideas, and our experiences matter. Believing that we matter, there is space for everyone and the world needs to hear that. Believing that we are enough, we are capable of doing wonderful things, worthy of connection and belonging and worthy of living a creative life on your own terms, in your own time and in your own unique, messy and human way. Owning our stories and loving ourselves through the process.

Being Creative

Creating space for our creativity and ideas to come to life, following our curiosities and seeing where they might lead us, making room for experimentation, embracing all of our creative passions, not leaving any of our parts behind and stop believing the lies that we have to be just one thing to have a meaningful and an impactful creative life. Choosing to live our truth out loud whatever that truth might be and being okay with figuring it out along the way too. Allowing it to rise to the top in its own time and unfold in the doing. Also, making room for our truths to evolve with us over time along with us. Believing in creating art for the sake of it with zero expectations to get it perfect or to show anyone, following our deep desires, intuition, inspirations and bringing them to life.

Being Brave

Showing up and sharing even if that means showing up afraid and taking up space. Doing the work and doing it on our own terms in our own unique and messy way and in our own time at the pace that feels right to us. Cultivating enough courage to share our truth, our stories, our ideas, our experiences, how we feel and what we believe in. Allowing ourselves to want what we want and not judging ourselves for it. Allowing ourselves to choose a path that hasn’t been walked before by many and the only way forward is to carve out a different and unique path that suits us, feels right to us and brings us joy. Sharing the vulnerable and hard truths, becoming the bravest possible version of ourselves by sharing and owning our stories however messy, raw and unedited they might be.  

Giving Ourselves Permission

Embracing the discomfort, the messy middle and uncertainty that comes up when we choose to walk through the unknown territories. Allowing ourselves to choose our must instead of approaching our creative work and life on auto-pilot by following the shoulds. Giving ourselves permission, to be a beginner, to be human, to be different and to make mistakes along the way if that’s what it takes to keep moving forward and keep showing up for the work we almost feel compelled to do.

Giving ourselves permission to be seen, to claim some space for our stories, our message, and our ideas, to live out our truth out loud, to experiment, to not to be perfect, to be gentle and not too hard on ourselves, and to never stop growing.

Being Human

Creating space for vulnerability, for feeling the feelings, for sharing our truth and for owning our stories. Being different, messy, imperfect, kind, compassionate and unapologetically ourselves.

Cultivating Self-belief and Intuition

Cultivating and nourishing an unshakeable self-belief that we are enough. We are worthy. We are the best judge of what’s best for us in our creative work and life and nobody can do our lives or our work for us. Believing that we are capable of becoming who we are meant to become and not giving in to the inner critic but to engage in conversations with it. Listening to our intuition, trusting it and engaging with our creative work and life from a place of wholeheartedness.

Personal Growth and Self-discovery

Valuing personal growth and evolution. Learning and unlearning to learn more. Taking responsibility to keep working towards becoming a better version of ourselves. Not living life on auto-pilot. Making space and time for introspection and gratitude along the way.

Purposeful Living 

Figuring out our values, beliefs and building our lives intentionally on what does and doesn’t feel right to us. Naming and claiming our vision and taking small intentional steps towards our goals. Encouraging deep, meaningful and soulful conversations and making space for real connections to happen. Believing in supporting, generosity, and community over competition. Living a life full of purpose and connection and leaving the world a little better than you found it.

Doing it for the Process

Believing that the journey is, in fact, the destination. Falling in love with the doing instead of obsessing for perfection. Striving for progress, not perfection. Feeling at peace with not knowing all the answers right away and having faith in the process. Cultivating meaning and confidence.

Slowing down and simplifying

Embracing the present, slowing down, noticing the little things, breathing and creating some white space and solitude for our creativity to flourish. Practicing being fully present at the moment, focusing your attention on what’s truly essential and reducing the noise.

Once again, this manifesto is subject to change, grow and evolve as I change, grow and evolve. 



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