Now Me vs. Future Me – a visualization exercise

I did a Youtube video last year when I was trying out YouTube, a very long story short, after a month or two, I figured it wasn’t for me. It wasn’t something that the introvert in me was comfortable with but I’d have never known it without giving it a try. The video that I’m talking about is called, ‘Now me vs. Future me’, this video is certainly one that I felt infinitely proud of. It is mainly because of the idea and theme behind this exercise of visualizing your present you with the future you, where you are now and where you want to be and somehow it sparked action and motivation in me to bridge the gap between where I was then and where I wanted to be.

This is what it looked like a year ago:


and this is what it looks this now:


The idea is quite simple. You have two pages in front of you. The first page is for the reflection of the parting year. Visualize what your life looks like at this very moment when you are ending a year, in this case, it is 2018. Visualize as many details as you can, all the relevant things, highlights, and biggest achievements and learnings. The next page is about setting the intention for the coming year. Again visualize as many details as you possibly can and pen them down in whatever way you like. Let it sit there and marinate.

You can come back to it whenever you are feeling down, uninspired or just a little under the weather. You are not only going to feel a flood of positive energy running down your veins but over the years you’ll also be able to see how far you’ve come and appreciate that journey and more than anything I hope you celebrate that journey.

To sum up, this is what I came up for me in this visualization exercise.

Courage is my word and theme for 2019 and I aspire to explore what it means to live a courageous life and I wrote all about it here. 

Make room

Creating space for myself
Giving myself permission to be a beginner and making mistakes
Making room for play, experiment, failure, and growth

Show up

Following through my commitments even if it is scary and tough at times
Keep connecting with the blog, newsletter and Instagram community
Practice and hone in my art

Lean in

Leaning into who I am, what I enjoy, what aligns with my values and what do I want more of or less of moving forward in my creative work and life.

What does your future self look like?

I myself have just started to think about the intentions in practical terms for the year just now so wherever you are in your journey, I hope this inspires you but don’t let it overwhelm you as you are the best judge of what you need wherever you are in the journey of life. Check back again next week to read more about the slow, simple, conscious and creative living intentions for 2019 blog post inspired from this very exercise.

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