Simple, Slow and Creative Living Intentions for 2019

January is almost over and I am just starting to lean into the embracing the year slowly and soulfully. Instagram seems to be fully taken over by the January intentions and all the planning and I am choosing not to feel overwhelmed by that. I am taking a slower approach and trying my best to let go of the pressure to ride along and not left behind. I really do believe, we are all wired differently. What works for everyone else might not work for me. Similarly what works for me might not work for anyone else. We allow meaningful change to happen and come to life by listening to ourselves and what we need at the moment to keep showing up for the sake of ourselves and to keep moving forward one little step at a time at a pace that works for us. I really hope you too are embracing a pace that works well for you. I managed to find myself a word for the year and I tried sitting down in silence to visualize the future me. It helped me in daydreaming about how I want my future self in 2019 to look like. Today, I am expanding on that and sharing a few intentions that I have for moving forward and living simply, slowly and creatively.

A gentle reminder to myself and to you, this list is not a stick to beat myself with. It is merely a projection of how I want things to be moving forward and what do I want more of in my life, and I am not going to feel guilty or consider myself a failure if I won’t be able to follow through for whatever reasons because sometimes life just gets in the way and that’s totally fine too. We can try our best to make things happen and see how everything unfolds as we move forward. I encourage you to practice compassion and kindness to yourself while writing any such intentions and especially when you are holding yourself accountable for them.

Slow mornings

I really would like to develop a slow morning routine that would work for me. I’m not a morning person and I feel the most creative at late hours at night. I have been struggling with this routine as I was trying to switch to the mornings but I guess, that’s not working really well for me and I have just confused my brain. So slow mornings without alarms, with morning pages and journaling, a few minutes of meditation and setting an intention for the day, a cup of tea and reading a few pages of a book. That sounds like a perfect morning to me.


I have a few books lying on the bookshelf waiting for me to be picked up and read from last year and the year before that. I really do want to read them and many more but I must learn to carve out some intentional time for reading only in my day even if it is going to be just a few pages. The number of how many books I get to read by the end of the year doesn’t matter but I would like to set an intention to read at least one book a month and end this year with 12 books.


As you might have noticed already, I have developed a newly found love for writing lately and I wish to continue and prolong this love affair as long as I can. My intention is to practice writing on a consistent basis, value quantity over quality for now and let the quality improve over time by practicing consistently. I am planning to hug the imperfection tightly this year, show up in whatever capacity I can and dare greatly.


I intend to move ahead with having, ‘less is more’ mantra in my head and by creating space for myself, my creativity and for play. In a more obvious way, it is about tidying up and making space in my surroundings and by owning less. In a more subtle way, it is about how I choose to show up in my work and life. This not only applies to my approach in my creative work and life but also in simplifying who I choose to follow, read and take inspiration from, where do I hang out on the internet and what influences do I take on. It means unfollowing people who no longer serve the purpose for me and simplifying my digital life and presence. Simplifying for me moving forward also means letting go of expectations; both internal and external, letting go of the need of approval and creating space listen to my own self, what I truly believe in and what I stand for. It also means spending less time on social media chasing likes and more time on making ideas happen.


I tend to spend more time inside the home, working on something and not make an effort to either call family and friends or to get out of the house. I intend to focus on connection and community building this year by sharing, showing up and making an effort but online and offline. I believe ideas are meant to be shared and cherished. By not sharing them we are depriving ourselves the opportunity of connection. On a side note, maybe try running and see how does that make you feel? If that doesn’t work out, get yourself a swimming membership card or try yoga in a group with some accountability. It might also turn as an opportunity to forge new friendships.


This one intention is the most important to me. I have been holding back, I guess my whole life now and I am oh so ready to not do that anymore. The intention is all about letting go of my need to be always in control and allowing play, experiment, daydreaming and just letting myself be. It is all about making room for play and giving myself permission to be a beginner. Make room for play and embrace it in ways that feel right for you. It is about asking myself one question daily, ‘how does it make you feel?’ and feeling the feelings, allowing them to set the future course and prioritizing joy. It is about making time to paint and understanding that we all have the same hours in the day and it depends on what you choose to do with that time.

I’m taking things slowly and making sure that I take one small step after the other. I believe that’s what matters the most when you are trying to build a new habit and bring any kind of meaningful change.

My biggest promise to 2019 is to discover the most courageous and bravest possible version of myself. 

What intentions do you have for 2019?




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