Living Your Truth: Ep. 08 Being a Multi-Passionate with Rebecca Mir Grady

Rebecca is a southwest-based multi-passionate creative; photographer, jeweler, painter, and writer. She likes keeping her hands and mind busy, in the studio and out in nature. She has self-published over 20 artist books. She makes jewelry by hand with recycled gold and silver, conflict-free diamonds and ethically sourced stones. She uses natural light and elements to tell stories with her photography. Her paintings focus on light and highlight climate change.

In this episode, we chatted about what it is like to be a multi-passionate with an interdisciplinary approach towards making art.

This episode is more like a casual conversation where Becca is sharing her story, how she sees the world and what has shaped her approach. If you consider yourself a multi-passionate too, this episode will encourage you to give permission to follow your curiosities in a way that works for you and keep going.

Listen now:



  • a little intro about Rebecca and her work
  • how she juggles and makes time for all these different creative ventures
  • what helps her in making time for writing
  • figuring out ways to clear the head and making time to do nothing
  • her experience of going to art school
  • where the interdisciplinary approach comes from
  • struggles of being a multi-passionate
  • how she manages her focus
  • not making everything about working or making money but having a few things to do as a hobby
  • building healthy habits: carving more time for reading
  • finding goals that have nothing to do with work like training for a marathon so you are not always in the studio
  • what following your curiosity looks like
  • carving out time where there are no expectations so you are letting yourself to be curious
  • the importance of being bored
  • managing time and your energies along the way
  • reconnecting with your own creativity when you start to feel overwhelmed
  • the artists way inspired activities that help: morning pages and artist dates
  • importance of asking yourself questions that move you forward
  • how to tackle the overwhelm and busy months
  • always learning something new and staying engaged
  • her collection of paintings on the climate change – in her own words, ”things we don’t see, things we can’t see and things we won’t see because it is all changing so much”
  • we create connections by visual artwork and sharing our thoughts in that way
  • the different mediums give you different kinds of opportunities and lifestyles
  • self-employment and the need for human interaction
  • current struggles along the lines of recovering from burnout and too much work and staying inspired
  • the struggles with connection, internet, and social media as solace for self-employed creatives but also, it is taking over our lives
  • relationship with Instagram – Instagram and connection
  • learning to balance the use of social media and putting the phone down
  • other sides of small business: accounting, finances and administration tasks
  • learning to be more efficient
  • the creative process on a day to day basis and how she likes to spend her days
  • the role of planning ahead of time and having a bigger picture in her work
  • enjoying the flexibility that comes with working for yourself
  • staying motivated on a day to day basis
  • living close to nature and how it inspires her creative process



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